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Trump: Unauthorized. Missed the Movie? Here's the Scoop!

Written by Laura Hickey

Trump: Unauthorized

On Tuesday May 24 @ 9pm EST ABC Network airedrepparttar television movie: Trump Unauthorized. Surprisingly I only knew aboutrepparttar 139886 movie because ofrepparttar 139887 ad inrepparttar 139888 TV Guide. The movie begins with Donald Trump as a boy playing with a plane with only one wing. A few seconds later we're launched into Trump as an adult looking to do his first real estate project in New York. He earnsrepparttar 139889 funds from others putting their money intorepparttar 139890 project. At timesrepparttar 139891 Donald may seem ruthless. His father against his ideas, finding them foolish. But nonerepparttar 139892 less he helps his son when he needs some financial aid. There are 3 deaths shown in his life, one of a heart attack and 2 partners due to a helicopter crash.

It shows how The Donald meet Ivana at a restaurant and scenes later they are married. As more accomplishments from hard work are reached, so isn'trepparttar 139893 tension between Ivana and her husband.

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