Written by Lee Wise


I'm sitting in chapel listening to an older man speak.

He's a seasoned pastor. The kind you would like to be by your bedside shortly afterrepparttar doctor has informed you that your time on earth is limited.

Very limited.

"Doc," they call him. I listen closely to what Doc is saying. No one would call him an orator. And he certainly isn't energetic!

But he is real. As real as you can get.

As I'm listening intently to what Doc is saying, I notice something else:repparttar 123941 other members of our audience are listening in exactlyrepparttar 123942 same manner.

Older ones. Younger ones. It doesn't matter. All are listening.



I think, "Why? Why are we listening so attentively to what this man is sharing?"

I answer myself by saying,

"Because he is speaking from his heart."

He and his God have walked a long time on this earth together. He is sincere and all of us inrepparttar 123943 room can sense it.


My point is simple: speaking and living fromrepparttar 123944 heart is, to me, what it's all about. I can learn what to say, how to say it, how to "read" my audience, and a thousand other success tips onrepparttar 123945 art of public speaking.

Harness Your Personal Power

Written by Francoise Rapp

Being in control of your life is more than simply feeling in control. After all, while you may believe you are consciously making controlled decisions, your actions may actually be sabotaging your life.

To harness your personal power is to become more assertive, to act in your own best interests while maintaining a global awareness ofrepparttar world in which you live. By harnessing your personal power, you will become healthily responsible for your own emotions, thoughts and actions, and stop giving yourself away without your conscious consent.

Harnessing your personal power is a simple and true commitment to yourself andrepparttar 123940 life you want to enjoy. The process entails takingrepparttar 123941 following steps towardrepparttar 123942 changes you want to see in your life:

*Know yourself: what brings you joy, comfort, drive, love? *Dare to be you. *Ask for what you want and what makes you feel good. *Treat yourself in accordance to your needs and wants.

On your path to unleash your inner power, you may have difficulty adjusting to a new paradigm. But you must hold true to your commitment if you are ever going to feel complete and achieve your full potential. With your newfound personal power you will truly be able to enjoy genuine and healthy relationships with others, feel content with life's goods and gifts, and view life as an opportunity and gift.

Begin harnessing your personal power to gain control in your life now by incorporatingrepparttar 123943 following routine into your daily life:

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