SPAM Laws of 2001"

Written by A.T.Rendon

For a law to take effect onrepparttar U.S. federal level, bothrepparttar 132820 House andrepparttar 132821 Senate must passrepparttar 132822 bill and thenrepparttar 132823 President ofrepparttar 132824 United States must signrepparttar 132825 bill into law.

Last year we almost got a SPAM law onrepparttar 132826 books when House legislators approved their version ofrepparttar 132827 SPAM bill, H. R. 3113,repparttar 132828 "The Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act of 2000", with a vote of 427-1.

However, it never came close to becoming law becauserepparttar 132829 Senate never even voted on it.

This year, there are already several attempts being made to place SPAM underrepparttar 132830 law.

The most recognized is known as bill HR 95, which is a re-introduction of H. R. 3113 from last year and is named: "To protect individuals, families, and Internet service providers from unsolicited and unwanted electronic mail." http:/

A SUMMARY AS OF: 1/3/2001--Introduced.

"Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act of 2001 - Amendsrepparttar 132831 Federal criminal code to provide criminal penalties for intentionally initiatingrepparttar 132832 transmission of any unsolicited commercial electronic mail message (message) to a protected computer inrepparttar 132833 United States withrepparttar 132834 knowledge that any domain name or other initiator identifying information contained in or accompanying such message is false or inaccurate.

Prohibits any person from sending such a message unlessrepparttar 132835 message contains a valid e-mail address, conspicuously displayed, to which a recipient may send notice of a desire not to receive further messages.

Makes it unlawful for a person to initiaterepparttar 132836 transmission of such a message in violation of a policy regarding unsolicited commercial e-mail messages that complies with specified requirements, including requirements for notice and public availability of such policy and for an opportunity for subscribers to opt not receive such messages.

Directsrepparttar 132837 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to notify violators under this Act, to prohibit further initiation of such messages, and to requirerepparttar 132838 initiator to deleterepparttar 132839 names and e-mail addresses ofrepparttar 132840 recipients and providers from all mailing lists.

Provides a right of action by a recipient or provider against e-mail initiators who violaterepparttar 132841 above requirements. "

As bill HR 95 stands right now, it is not expected to pass vote inrepparttar 132842 House for two reasons, even thoughrepparttar 132843 language ofrepparttar 132844 bill is exactlyrepparttar 132845 same as that passed last year in a vote of 427-1:

Have The Anti Spam Groups Lost Touch With Reality?

Written by John Colanzi

Every time I thinkrepparttar anti spam hysteria has gone as far as they can to make marketer's lives miserable, they prove me wrong and pushrepparttar 132819 envelope even further.

The sad part of this problem is there are so many marketers that sympathize with them. One well know marketer has even gone so far as to compare myself, and other marketers who feel this situation has gotten out of hand, torepparttar 132820 X-Files.

I really have to laugh atrepparttar 132821 pot callingrepparttar 132822 kettle black.

Here are two incidents from one day that will show how absurd this situation has become.

I received an email from one of my subscribers complaining they were unable to remove themselves from my list. I emailed them and let them know I would contact my list provider and do my best to haverepparttar 132823 situation corrected as quickly as humanly possible.

I also asked them to please let me know if they received future mailings so I could find out why support hadn't correctedrepparttar 132824 problem.

What was their response?

I received an email two days later. You are still sending me emails and if it keeps up I'll have to report you as a spammer.

Amazing! How understanding, how charitable.

Imaginerepparttar 132825 rush it must give someone to be able to hold a sword over my head. Imagine their feeling of power.

Well I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but I wouldn't care if they held a gun to my head,repparttar 132826 situation was beyond my control and their efforts would be better served making their business grow.

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