Written by written by JP Bonar

Network Marketing has becomerepparttar Greatest business opportunity for thousands and thousands of people and will continue to bring Great success to thousands more. It is changingrepparttar 117272 way people make a living by offering a lifestyle of dreams. Just a few ofrepparttar 117273 reasons why this industry is so attractive: Ownership, Support, Training, Versatility, Part time or Full time, Low Overhead, Flexibility, Personal Growth, Unlimited Potential, Fulfillment, etc,etc. That is only a small list of reasons why I have become a part of this exciting, magical industry. Why then; do negatives exist in this opportunity? What negatives do you ask? The lack of heart. Let me explain what I mean. I believe that having heart (or passion) isrepparttar 117274 only reason why success is achieved in anything. Whether personal or in business, having heart isrepparttar 117275 key to achieving all of your desires. Having heart inrepparttar 117276 network marketing business means being dedicated towards people to help them achieve success . I have met, talked to, and read about so many people in this industry that continue to giverepparttar 117277 industry a black eye. Those who choose only to work with people who: sign up underrepparttar 117278 highest business building levels, have very deep pockets, have large lists of warm markets, people who are natural salespeople, etc..., it goes on and on. This puts a serious negative stamp on this wonderful industry and continuesrepparttar 117279 stereotype of pyramid scheme thinking. That hurts all of us. Let me give you an example. I was talking to one of my upline supports (which was a challenge just to get him onrepparttar 117280 phone). I was just starting out and I was trying to get some much needed support. I didn't want him to baby-sit me, just get me onrepparttar 117281 right track. He told me onrepparttar 117282 phone (as he was rushing me off) ..."I would rather talk to a business builder that had deep pockets in my downline then to you."

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Written by Borislav Kovachev

“Earning $100,000 a year is just as easy as $15.000… …when you know how!” SFIMG has been growing steadily at a rate of more than 1,000 new affiliates PER DAY. Todayrepparttar count is well over 7 million SFI representatives from 190 countries. This number is impressive! And merchants around

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