Written by Craig Lock

I believerepparttar key to effective time management is having a PLAN. Once you have done that, communicate your plans to others involved in your life (those nearest and dearest to you), or those people working with you in business.


1. Prioritise your goals. Set uprepparttar 101954 following:

* A weekly plan: Plan for a week at a time.

* A 'don't forget' list.

* A 'what now' list.

2. Focus onrepparttar 101955 important things -repparttar 101956 things that really matter to you.

3. Throw out irrelevant bits of paper.

4. No matter what pressure you are under, try to control your stress level at all times.

5. Control interruptions (even a 'closed door' policy is not a bad thing).

6. Don't procrastinate.

7. Prepare a reminder list of essential details.

8. Plan to getrepparttar 101957 routine tasks out ofrepparttar 101958 way as quickly as possible.

9. Develop routines. Ask yourself this question: can any (procedures) be eliminated or speeded up?

10. Focus on one task at a time.


10. Pat yourself onrepparttar 101959 back each day by reviewing your accomplishments.

11. Self monitor and self evaluate your progress onrepparttar 101960 way to your goals.

12. Set and keep deadlines for yourself and others (Don't "interrupt" yourself).

13. Learn to say "no" to others' demands.

14. Slow down for success.

15. Distinguishrepparttar 101961 really urgent fromrepparttar 101962 seemingly urgent. Sort out low priority work. Put it aside for later or eliminate it totally.

16. Encourage others to get torepparttar 101963 point onrepparttar 101964 telephone or at meetings. Without being too rude, of course!

9 Ways To Develop Confidence In New Situations

Written by Maria Marsala

Do you enjoy one-on-one networking, however,repparttar thought of walking into room full of people you don't know horrifies you? You're not alone. Yes, even a social butterfly, President ofrepparttar 101953 Social Committee in High School and avid networker knows how you feel. Here are some of my tricks. And they have all worked!

~A great way to network at a conference is to volunteer atrepparttar 101954 registration desk. Why? You get to say hello to everyone who registers in your line and everyone who registers gets to see you behindrepparttar 101955 registration table. Atrepparttar 101956 event, you'll feel more comfortable talking with people because you've "met" them already. And if those aren't enough benefits, people will "recognize you" fromrepparttar 101957 registration desk, and be more likely to come talk with you.

~If you teach a class or speak, go intorepparttar 101958 room early. Get a feel for it, change it around if need be, and greet everyone who walks in with a big "hello my name is ...". Bring name tags or recyclerepparttar 101959 tops of old manila folders, have each person put their name on it, and put it onrepparttar 101960 table in front of them.

~When you are planning to attend a meeting forrepparttar 101961 first time, call up whomever you can fromrepparttar 101962 organization. Ask them if you can meet them atrepparttar 101963 meeting. Then you'll "know" someone that you can look for when you arrive.

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