Written by Craig Lock

Myth no 1: Millionaires work 10 times as hard asrepparttar ordinary man inrepparttar 124101 street.

Number 2: Millionaires are more intelligent and better educated than you and I.

Number 3: Honest people don't get rich.

Number 4: You need money to make money. Most millionaires have "begged and borrowed" to get started. Some have even been bankrupt and fired.

Financial prosperity and or a fulfilling life well lived are goals we can all achieve if we understandrepparttar 124102 principles of success. The main attraction of money is FREEDOM to choose your desired lifestyle. Earning a great deal of money should not be for it's own sake. I really believe that most people are too busy earning a living to stop and think about how they could get rich and solve their moneyproblems...and that isrepparttar 124103 reason why they haven't been able to do so. Do you ever think through your particular situation?

Do you like what you do for a living? Millionaires love their occupations. Work is leisure, your hobby. Most millionaires continue working long after becoming millionaires. Don't give yourself a choice, an exit. "Put your back torepparttar 124104 wall" and "burnrepparttar 124105 bridges behind you". I had no other options here in "Sleepy Hollow" andrepparttar 124106 internet is my "tool" to reach out torepparttar 124107 world and achieve my personal goals. ACQUIRE THE MENTALITY OF A MILLIONAIRE: Most people don't believe there are secrets to wealth - they believe rich people are just "lucky". Most people don't believe they can ever become rich. BELIEVE that you can and crave it passionately. Use your IMAGINATION. Think and act successfully.

BELIEF isrepparttar 124108 key. Have FAITH.

FOCUS ON A GOAL. Write downrepparttar 124109 amount of money you want and how much time you'll allow yourself to acquire it. In order to achieve monetary wealth, you need an amount and a deadline to aim at. This isrepparttar 124110 magic of a quantified objective working onrepparttar 124111 sub-conscious mind. Because...if you don't know where you're heading, chances are you'll never get anywhere. What do we ask from life?: 99 out of 100 people don't think about it. So write it down. DEVELOP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Developrepparttar 124112 right ATTITUDE and LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES everywhere. They are right there within reach. Then BELIEVE, TRULY BELIEVE, YOU CAN REACH YOUR TARGET. Stretch yourself. "The greatest limitations are those man imposes upon himself". Therefore,repparttar 124113 greatest obstacle to success is a mental obstacle. Do things differently and ignorerepparttar 124114 objections of "rational" people. Set yourself an objective initially that is reasonable, yet bold (within reach, but ambitious... so you are forced to extend yourself to reach it). Most people are overly conservative and too scared to dream. Expand your mental boundaries - don't be a creature of habit with your mental limitations. Tap your inner resources: "Character is destiny". I've certainly had to do that here in "Sleepy Hollow" through relying uponrepparttar 124115 powers ofrepparttar 124116 human imagination, after being dropped out ofrepparttar 124117 sky her ten years ago!


Written by Darren Roberts

Confidence is not something that can really be taught. It can be learned, but for me to say that I wish to show you how to become confident in 5 easy steps isn't appropriate. Confidence is a trait we all have to varying levels. Those that are very self-assured generally believe in who they are, what they are doing and pursue their convictions with vigor based on this belief. Confidence isn't hard to learn. It comes to you with knowledge, experience and desire.

Through our lifetime, we will tackle new challenges; some will be known quantities while others will be unknown. It is how we tackle our problems and what we learn from them that is important. You can't always confront things that you have no experience in, but if you regularly doubt your confidence, you may become insular and seldom stray fromrepparttar familiar.

It is through our knowledge ofrepparttar 124100 familiar, where we can draw on our strengths to move on to new and more challenging tasks. It is our knowledge of our abilities, which gives usrepparttar 124101 strength we need, to ask more from ourselves to move up torepparttar 124102 next level. Your confidence is paramount in your success!

Tell me, have you ever heard of any success stories whererepparttar 124103 Gold Medallist, CEO, President or Prime Minister lacked confidence? Had they done so, then it's unlikely they would have got themselves into their respective position. Your belief in your abilities is your confidence. It is everything. It is a lack of confidence that precludes us from doing many things simply because our faith in ourselves is lacking.

Okay, let's assume your self-confidence is down. Negative results and negative feedback are two major contributors to shaking our own personal belief. There are reasons for negative results, which should be examined in detail. Generally speaking, it is because someone, maybe yourself, had higher expectations than you could deliver. Of course, there are a myriad of possibilities but let's work on this one. When this happens you have two possibilities:

Crawl into your shell full of guilt and shame Learn from it and bounce back with a vengeance

The first option isn't really an option, as it will zap your confidence. In fact, it will strip you of self-belief and make it difficult for you to tackle it again. Option 2 is all about learning from your mistakes and jumping right back onrepparttar 124104 horse. It is your persistence, willingness to learn and your belief in yourself and your abilities, which keeps you marching forward. This will give your self-confidence a major boost.

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