Written by Regina Stevens

Social networking is not easy for shy people. Social networking in a group setting requires you to "work a room" and "sell yourself" and your qualifications. If you are good at selling yourself, social networking is a cinch. Well, I am one ofrepparttar shy people. I hated attending these networking meetings because they made me feel uncomfortable. Not once did I find a contact to help me find a job either. I do know of people who have found jobs this way, and social networking is extremely important in Atlanta, Georgia. I, for one, am not comfortable, so I had to let it go. Finding a job is stressful enough, why force yourself to do something that makes you feel awkward.

Not everyone hasrepparttar 145848 "gift of gab" or hasrepparttar 145849 personality to win people over. This is unfortunate for people who have wonderful skills to offer an employer. Trust me, you are notrepparttar 145850 only one losing out because of your shyness. There is a company out there who needs your skills, but since you are shy, they may never know unless you find another way to introduce yourself to them.

I learned early that I was not good at "working a room" at these networking meetings so I decided to find other ways to network. Some of my methods are common, but some of them are not so common, but effective. I started out using my methods to solely find a job, but during my networking I found friends and business partners.

Yes, I've Had Gaps In My Employment History--What Can I Do About It?

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

Yes, I've Had Gaps In My Employment History--What Can I Do About It?

1. Honestly, there is not a single person who has not had SOME gaps in their work history. Anyone who says differently is someone who might not always tellrepparttar truth.

2. So, you, job seeker have had some employment gaps in your career/work life. What to do? What to do?

3. Sit down and write out what you did during your time of unemployment. Most people who are out of work do NOT spend all of their not working time in front of a TV! What you did is a measure of what your values and interests are. If you loafed, where did you do your loafing? Reading, baking, driving, hanging out? WHAT DID YOU DO AND WHY DID YOU DO IT?

4. Condense these periods of unemployment to look for a pattern. If you were "laid off" a few times, what jobs were you doing and why were you "laid off"? Look for skills that you used with employment gaps. There is always a pattern of some sort when Mr. or Ms Job Seeker is not looking.

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