Written by Marie Williams

SIMPLE PUBLICITY. Create a stunning signature file for simple yet highly effective promotion. Most email programs allow you to attach a signature file to all your outgoing mail. Eudora Pro ( allows me to make as many signature files as I choose.

THE RIGHT SIGN. I receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. A pitiful 10% of these contain a signature file - and most of these are badly written. Perhaps as much as one signature file a day will catch my eye and I'll end up subscribing to yet another ezine.

FREE PROMOTION. You may think that it's not worthrepparttar effort. After all, how many people will really take notice of your signature? Well, think how often you request free articles, free information, send off for an ezine, post a message on a bulletin board or newsgroup .... Just think of allrepparttar 117850 subscribers you could have by now.

STICK TO ONE SUBJECT. You can write signature files for your website, an affiliate program, your products or services, and anything else you can think of. Butrepparttar 117851 one thing you *should* be promoting is your ezine. Once you've grabbed your new subscriber - then you can rave on about your website, your affiliate programs, etc. But get their email address first!

NICE 'N' EASY. Designing a signature that commands attention is pretty easy work. Keep it short, keep it simple, and stick to one theme. Use "power" words: free, easy, how, you, now, success, learn, create ....


LARGE. Under 50 words - can also be used for classified and ezine ads:

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Confessions Of An Elephant Eater

Written by John Colanzi

How do I like my Elephant?

With fried onions and ketchup of course.

I'm only joking. The real question is "How Do You Eat An Elephant?"

One bite at a time.

I don't actually eat elephants. The elephant is a metaphor for big goals. So "How Do You Accomplish Big Goals?"

One bite at a time.

In my last article I asked you to set goals that are big. To reach forrepparttar stars. But I know sometimes big goals can be overwhelming.

You need to aim forrepparttar 117849 stars and once you've got your goal in place, your next step is to break it down.

Let's set a simple goal to start with. You're bored with repparttar 117850 nine to five ... you're tired of your boss ... you want to take a year off to enjoy life.

How are we going to break this baby down?

Since our goal is to have enough profits online to take a year off from work and really get this internet puppy going, let's shoot for 24 hours of freedom.

If you divided your yearly expenses by 365 days, what would you need to earn 24 hours of freedom?

Let's make it simple, you need $100 a day to survive. Some of you may need less, I'm sure many of you will need more. The decision is yours.

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