Written by Sara Haese

Youíve probably heard about Saverepparttar Dates since they have become quite popular with brides but you might not know exactly what purpose they serve.

Peopleís lives are getting increasingly busier and more tightly scheduled so thatís where Saverepparttar 121997 Date announcements come in handy. You want to make sure that your guests, especially family and close friends, keeprepparttar 121998 date of your wedding open when planning their schedules. To ensure this, youíll want to consider sending out Saverepparttar 121999 Date notices shortly after you have set your wedding date, especially if itís several months inrepparttar 122000 future or around a holiday.

Proper etiquette doesnít dictate that these advance notices have to be sent but in todayís world it helps your guests in their planning so they can be sure to be with you sharing inrepparttar 122001 celebration of one ofrepparttar 122002 most important days of your life. If you do decide to send them out, you are not required to send them to every one of your guests but youíll probably want to at least include close family members and friends. Guests who will have to travel to be in attendance will find them especially helpful for giving them plenty of travel preparation time particularly if you are having a destination wedding.

Itís easy to be creative when sending out your Saverepparttar 122003 Dates since there are so many different varieties and designs available.

ēMagnets have become a favorite selection and why not since your guests can easily stick them onto their refrigerator as their reminder. Some magnets haverepparttar 122004 option of including a photo and some actually show a calendar of your wedding date month with your date circled for easy reference.

10 Common Wedding Reception Mistakes

Written by Matt Campbell

Every bride wants a fairytale wedding. Therefore, this article is to try and minimize problems that may occur during a wedding reception. Listed below arerepparttar more common mistakes made by brides and grooms during your wedding reception. We will tell you what to do!

Donít leave early. Your guests came from near and far to see you on your wedding day. Not stayingrepparttar 105652 whole time ofrepparttar 105653 reception would be a slap inrepparttar 105654 face. This will berepparttar 105655 only time most of your family and friends will be able to see you as you will be very busy with last minute preparationsrepparttar 105656 days leading up torepparttar 105657 wedding.

Setup allrepparttar 105658 tables. Your wedding vendors will need to know where to set-up. Be sure there is a table forrepparttar 105659 wedding cake, music entertainment, catered food, sign-in nearrepparttar 105660 entrance, gift table, tables and chairs for all your guests to eat and any other tables you may have planned for specialty items.

Preplan with your vendors a day or two beforerepparttar 105661 wedding. Be sure all your wedding vendors know exactly what you want. Clarify times and location so you donít need to worry about them.

Donít arrive late torepparttar 105662 reception. It is customary that guests do not start eating untilrepparttar 105663 bride and groom startrepparttar 105664 food line. Be sure to get as many of your pictures taken BEFORErepparttar 105665 wedding. There are many ways to accomplish this. One is to haverepparttar 105666 entire brideís family pictures taken. Then, haverepparttar 105667 bride return torepparttar 105668 dressing room. Next, take pictures ofrepparttar 105669 groom and his family as guests can seerepparttar 105670 groom beforerepparttar 105671 wedding. This way you will not compromiserepparttar 105672 groom seeingrepparttar 105673 bride beforerepparttar 105674 wedding. Therefore, all that is left afterrepparttar 105675 ceremony are pictures ofrepparttar 105676 happy couple.

Donít seatrepparttar 105677 young at heart directly in front ofrepparttar 105678 music entertainment. Older generations are at a wedding typically to socialize with their family and friends. If they cannot hear each other talk, an unhappy situation may occur. So, if by choice, seatrepparttar 105679 young at heart nearrepparttar 105680 wedding party but away fromrepparttar 105681 entertainerís speakers.

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