SEO Training - Avoid making this costly mistake!

Written by Joe Duchesne

SEO training can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of factors that go into search engine ranking on today's major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. When designing a web site or a web page for high search engine ranking,avoid making this one mistake that alone could prevent you from achieving a top ten ranking on your target keywords. What is this one costly mistake? Read on to find out.

Build your site on a good foundation

Your web site structure isrepparttar foundation to high search engine ranking. If you build your website withrepparttar 143675 wrong structure, anything else you do to promote your web site will be crippled fromrepparttar 143676 start. The most costly mistake you could do to cripple your SEO efforts is to build your web site using frames.

Using Frames makes your job so much harder

Using frames on your site makes it much more difficult to achieve high search engine ranking. Does it make it impossible? No, but it does make it much more difficult. With allrepparttar 143677 competition already our there for achieving high search engine rankings on competitive keywords, why would you want to make your work harder than it has to be?

Local results provided by search engines point customers in the right direction

Written by Alyssa Duvall

Local customers know where to find local businesses...the Internet. Through search engines and directories,repparttar Internet provides a quick and easy place to choose a local merchant or business.

Just becauserepparttar 143637 Internet is worldwide doesn't mean local businesses can't benefit from having a website and a presence inrepparttar 143638 search engines. Realizingrepparttar 143639 benefits of local searches Google recently launched “Google Local.” This feature allows searchers to enter in their zip code and search using keywords. Whenrepparttar 143640 results are returned they providerepparttar 143641 address and phone number ofrepparttar 143642 businesses. Google and MapQuest have partnered to provide maps and directions torepparttar 143643 locations that are returned inrepparttar 143644 search. Yahoo, AOL and MSN also have local capabilities.

The Kelsey Group and ConStat have found that 70% of US households userepparttar 143645 internet to shop for local products and services.

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