SEO Sales Letter - But WAIT! If You Order Now!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

The majority of my income comes doing Search Engine Optimization, positioning, research and marketing for small business. I spec- ifically targeted this demographic, knowing that many small business owners cannot afford to play inrepparttar big leagues with major internet companies. Many large corporations spend $3,500 to $10,000 monthly to gain and then maintain good search engine positioning so that they rank well in key search phrases related to their products online.

Many major retailers spend those monthly amounts on multiple segments of their web site to maintain market share of comparable product sales, knowing that their competition is doingrepparttar 128167 same with their web copy.

But my customers are very oftenrepparttar 128168 one-person shop in whichrepparttar 128169 owner does it all, including building and maintaining their web site! When they come across my articles discussing SEO techniques in small newsletters, they'll contact me asking what I can do for them within their marketing budget. That budget, more often than not, is less than what they spend monthly on their yellow page phone book ads or their (very small) office rent.

Faced with that level of spending, I knew that I would have to do high-volume of work in order to make a living. What I decided to do was to create an online tutorial that explains in detail how to go about achieving good search positions. That tutorial would rank well inrepparttar 128170 search engines for allrepparttar 128171 phrases relevant to Search Engine work and attract lots of customers seeking to improve their business online.

What I expected was harried business owners too pressed for time to do reading to find out how to improve their own search engine rank. They'd come seeking information on metatags, keyword density, linking campaigns, page architecture and when they arrived, they'd realize it would take them more time than they could afford to effectively learn and implement those ingredients into their sites. The idea was to offer lots of free information for them to read, then when they find out how complexrepparttar 128172 work is, they would say, "Ummm, I'm too busy this week, could you do it for me?"

What I got was harried business owners too pressed for time to read all that FREE information provided in hundreds of pages which I already offer FREE. Not surprisingly, they DO then ask me to do it for them, but being frugal and diligent, they ask me HOW I do it after they hire me - through voluminous email during my work for them. Sometimes they ask me how to do it before they hire me, at which point I tell them that it is all in my search engine tutorial and they can read it for them- selves. The address is . . .

But then they remember that they don't haverepparttar 128173 time to do it and agree to pay me for my services and let me beginrepparttar 128174 work. Duringrepparttar 128175 job, they will look at what I've done on their site and ask "Why doesrepparttar 128176 change ofrepparttar 128177 order and frequency of words on my page effect my search engine rank?" Then I refer them back torepparttar 128178 tutorial.

Even though I provide a report atrepparttar 128179 conclusion ofrepparttar 128180 job, clients askrepparttar 128181 same questions repeatedly as I am working and I've decided to short-circuit that experience by providing a parody of a sales letter for all potential clients to read before they hire me. It's all meant in fun, but helps silence those who ask lots of questions as I work. A typical email:

"My main intent is to be able to get intorepparttar 128182 search engines. I want to be able to submit to Yahoo, payrepparttar 128183 submission fee (UGH!) and get in for sure with a decent ranking. Will you explain how to do this when you write your report?"

I'll explain it right now and makerepparttar 128184 report shorter.

I want to be certain you understand that there's a big difference between search engines and directories. Yahoo is a human reviewed directory - nothing can be done to influencerepparttar 128185 reviewers short of quality content and submission torepparttar 128186 proper category, that is

Top search engine ranking, now what?

Written by Andy Beal

Congratulations, your website is atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 128166 search engines and your traffic is at record levels. Sales are up and your boss is grinning like a Cheshire cat. No doubt, asrepparttar 128167 person in charge of marketing your website, you have either spent hours researching great sites such as Search Engine Guide or Search Engine Watch and have achievedrepparttar 128168 results yourself or, more than likely, you have employedrepparttar 128169 services of a search engine marketing company. Either way, you now proudly sit atrepparttar 128170 top ofrepparttar 128171 search engine results forrepparttar 128172 golden keywords you wanted.

Don’t get complacent

So now that you are atrepparttar 128173 top ofrepparttar 128174 search engines, you can sit back, relax and enjoy months of great positioning, right? Wrong! The effort it took to get your website top positioning is nothing compared torepparttar 128175 effort needed to keep it there. Now that you are onrepparttar 128176 top ofrepparttar 128177 world looking down, you need to make sure that you remain in great shape. Granted, some search engines do not needrepparttar 128178 same type of effort to keep your website atrepparttar 128179 top, but you are still looking at a full time job and a constant battle to ensure that your website doesn't start slipping down to ranking oblivion

Changing face of search engines

Your first challenge is keeping up-to-date withrepparttar 128180 changing face ofrepparttar 128181 search engines. Search engines are relentless machines, constantly looking for new enhancements and modifications to make to their results. Popular search engines such as Google, AltaVista and Lycos are forever competing against each other forrepparttar 128182 crown of “best search engine”. Subscribe to’s newsletter and you will repeatedly read news and propaganda from different search engines claiming to have eitherrepparttar 128183 most accurate algorithm orrepparttar 128184 highest number of visitors. It is this battle for bragging rights that drivesrepparttar 128185 search engines to improve their results and keep ahead ofrepparttar 128186 competition. With these changes happening on a more than occasional basis, constant monitoring and tweaking of your website are vital to ensure that your #1 position today, does not become a #30 position tomorrow.

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