SEO Portal or Free SEO? You Decide.

Written by Kevin Gee

Our company JUMP Internet Marketing has been providing search engine optimization and marketing services since 1995. During this time we have been approached with some very inventive ideas. The latest proposals are from companies wanting to partner with us to create so called "SEO Portals."

These companies have explained that our company would createrepparttar portal, optimize and market it. After doing so they would providerepparttar 128043 clients/content forrepparttar 128044 portal. The company would charge clients to be placed onto one of these high-ranking portals and in return pass a fee along to our company.

At first glance, this doesn't sound like a bad idea. However, I cannot help but wonder how much ofrepparttar 128045 content/clients would be affiliate links ofrepparttar 128046 company and useless Spam? Ethically these so called portals are starting to sound like an optimized "link farm" or "FFA" page.

Furthermore, based upon industry research and analysis we are aware at how muchrepparttar 128047 search engines do not like sites that consist of nothing more than useless Spam and affiliate links.

Proper search engine optimization and marketing takes hours of research and hard work if it is to be done correctly. Let's face it folks our reputations are at stake here. Do we really want our company name associated with a portal that could possibly be banned byrepparttar 128048 search engines?

It is of my opinion that these companies are sugar coating an effort to spamrepparttar 128049 engines and use SEO companies to do it. Think about this for one second, how quickly would a porn site jump atrepparttar 128050 opportunity of free SEO? The answer? Well, you knowrepparttar 128051 answer.

Are We Looking Stupid?

Written by Kevin Gee

It seems LookSmart has once again rockedrepparttar SEO world with its recent implementation of a new pay per click module called “Small Business Listings.”

Recently I’ve been receiving mail correspondence from my friends at LookSmart letting me know that they have automatically upgraded my client site listings to this wonderful new program. I naturally decided to have a look atrepparttar 128042 details.

Upon further review I have found that because I had already paid entrance fees into their directory my sites would be grandfathered intorepparttar 128043 new program. Isn’t that exciting? For new usersrepparttar 128044 setup fee is $49.00.

The documentation of this program says that on top ofrepparttar 128045 $49.00 setup fee new users will need to deposit a minimum of $150.00 to begin receiving clicks fromrepparttar 128046 directory at .15 cents per click. Again, for privileged customers such as I there is not a fee at this time because they are giving me 100 free clicks per month forrepparttar 128047 next 20 months!

Okay, I know you are asking yourself whatrepparttar 128048 catch is right? Well, lets get a little deeper and take a look.

First off lets start withrepparttar 128049 LookSmart letters. The letters state that to receive my free clicks I must login and activate my account before a July 11, 2002 deadline. Upon further review and in follow up correspondence from LookSmart I found this to be false as I have already been receiving clicks and have not yet activated my accounts.

In another letter from LookSmart I was told that my sites had reached their 100 free clicks per month limit and that my listings would be disabled untilrepparttar 128050 following month. This, is also un-true asrepparttar 128051 listings are still active and when clicked take visitors to my sites.

Let’s face it folks, LookSmart has told us things inrepparttar 128052 past that have also turned out to be un-true. Should we believe them this time when they say, “Small business listings are a great investment for my business.” This remains to be seen.

Let’s do a bit of math here, and focus onrepparttar 128053 important issue at hand. Aren’t conversionsrepparttar 128054 really important issue? Website traffic alone is not our goal nor yours I am sure, you want to sell your products right?

Based upon fees and average conversion rates this is what I have concluded. At $49.00 forrepparttar 128055 initial setup fee and a minimum of a $150.00 deposit this comes to $199.00. So, this $199.00 would buy you 1000 clicks at .15 cents per click. This comes out to, are you ready? A whopping average of 83 clicks per month over a 12-month period. Wow! Excited yet?

Okay so now you’re probably asking, “what ranking will my site have” and “how much traffic can I expect?” I also had these questions so I’ve done a little research and here arerepparttar 128056 results.

It is my opinion that with nobody out-bidding each other on LookSmart, site listings will be ranked according to site optimization techniques (Site Title, Description, etc.). Of course LookSmart still has editorial control over these things and from past experience it is probably safe to assume that LookSmart’s editorial staff has not improved to a point to increase your ranking. Overture allows site owners to modify their site listings, why not LookSmart? They do now? That’s right, I almost forgot. For another $49.00 I can modify my site listings title and description. Woo Hoo!

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