SEO Copywriting Makeover: Good Rankings but No Sales Part 1 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004-2005

It's been a myth for as long asrepparttar Internet has been in existence. Get good rankings and your site will be successful. I hate to berepparttar 108021 bearer of bad news, but that has never beenrepparttar 108022 case. What you get when you achieve good search engine rankings is a lot of traffic. That *can* be a wonderful thing, but it by no means guarantees even one sale.

You see, search engine rankings are not responsible for making sales. They are responsible for getting visitors to click to your site. If you (or your search engine optimizer) have done your job, you'll have descriptions in your search returns (or PPC ads) that bring in qualified visitors. But still… even with qualified visitors,repparttar 108023 engines are not in a position to make sales at your site. That'srepparttar 108024 job your copy and usability elements handle.

Top Security, Inc. faced this problem. They had good search engine rankings. They were listed onrepparttar 108025 first page of most ofrepparttar 108026 major engines. They hadrepparttar 108027 traffic. Sales, however, were not where they wanted them to be. What wasrepparttar 108028 cause? One look told merepparttar 108029 copy wasrepparttar 108030 culprit. (Take a look atrepparttar 108031 original copy here:

The Problems

Top Security had a tough sale by anybody's standards. They sold home security systems and maintenance services. (Something hardly anybody likes to talk about until after something happens, and it's virtually too late.) In order to get someone to move on products/services like home security, insurance, andrepparttar 108032 like, you really must develop a sense of trust and urgency.

When I first viewedrepparttar 108033 Top Security, Inc. home page, it was obvious that they knew what they needed to do. They had made a few attempts onrepparttar 108034 page inrepparttar 108035 form of graphics and MP3 files to accomplish those two goals. For example, they posted a current Threat Advisory graphic fromrepparttar 108036 Department of Homeland Security (establishing urgency). There was also an MP3 that played kindergarten children singing "God Bless America" (plays toward patriotism and trust). Lastly,repparttar 108037 headline was designed to try to build a sense of longevity. However, none of these was reflected inrepparttar 108038 copy. The most important part ofrepparttar 108039 page was overlooked.

Creating Messages That Get Optimum Results

Written by David Masachke

This is whererepparttar real meat of e-marketing begins. You have a list of hungry subscribers at your fingertips and now you need to convert them into customers. You want to send themrepparttar 108020 best offer possible, presented inrepparttar 108021 best possible light.

In order to accomplish this, you need to create effective sales copy.

Good copy includes many elements: voice and style, proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, emphasis on benefits and much more. Let's talk a bit about each of these.


Your messages should sound professional without sounding "stuffy'.

You need to find your unique voice to connect with your subscribers. Pretend that you are sitting acrossrepparttar 108022 table from a friend and write as if you were speaking to them (leaving out, of course, things like swear words or references to your personal life).

You should also keep close watch over pronoun usage. Talk directly torepparttar 108023 subscriber and avoid usingrepparttar 108024 word "I" as much as possible. Be personable, but not too personal.

English 101

We all make mistakes in our writing at times. Your subscribers will probably forgive you for a few gaffes. However, you don't want to send out horribly written messages. Always run your copy through a spell-checker. Brush up on your grammar and punctuation skills if you've gotten rusty.

Focus on Benefits

Never place your focus on sellingrepparttar 108025 product or its features alone. People want to know whatrepparttar 108026 product can do for them. For example: will it save them time? Will it save them money? Will it bring more love into their life?

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