SEO Content Distribution Linking For Newbies

Written by Joel Walsh

The new buzz onrepparttar internet is all about getting one-way links by distributing content to other sites in exchange for backlinks. As with every other SEO or website promotion technique ever devised, there are plenty of newbie myths about it that can ruin your chance for success before you even start.

Newbie Myth 1: The "Duplicate content penalty."

Some webmasters worry that ifrepparttar 149749 content on their sites is suddenly on hundreds of other sites, search engines will inflict a "duplicate content penalty." Why is this concern unjustified?

* If this were true, every major newspaper and news portal website would now be de-indexed fromrepparttar 149750 search engines, since they all carry "duplicate content" fromrepparttar 149751 news wires such as

Reuters andrepparttar 149752 Associated Press.

* Thousands of self-promoting internet gurus have proven that distributing content is an effective method of improving search engine rank.

* Even more thousands of content websites have proven that republishing this content does not carry any search engine penalty.

True,repparttar 149753 first website to publish an article often seems to be favored by search engines, ranking higher forrepparttar 149754 same content in searches than higher-PageRank pages withrepparttar 149755 same content. Butrepparttar 149756 "duplicate" pages do show up inrepparttar 149757 search engine results, even if lower thanrepparttar 149758 original site. Meanwhile,repparttar 149759 reprint content has no effect onrepparttar 149760 ranking of a site's other pages.

The only duplicate content penalty is for duplication of content across pages of a single website. Meanwhile, there is a sort of "copyright theft" penalty, whereby someone who copies content without permission can be manually removed from search engine indexes out of respect forrepparttar 149761 Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But that penalty is only for flagrant theft, not minor mistakes in attributing reprint content.

Newbie Myth 2: The goal is to get in article clearinghouse websites.

There are over 100 popular, high-traffic websites that act as clearinghouses for content made available for redistribution. These websites include,, and

Many novice content-distributors are upset whenrepparttar 149762 article clearinghouse websites, with tens of thousands of articles each with a backlink, pass negligible PageRank. Butrepparttar 149763 point of distributing content to those websites is for other website owners to find your content and put it on their websites--not to get a backlink directly fromrepparttar 149764 clearinghouse website (though this is sometimes an unexpected bonus).

Plus, to maximize PageRank-passing links, you also have to submit articles to website owners individually. It's not a small amount of work. But there's no substitute for a polite, individually crafted email recommending a website owner complement his or her existing articles with one you've written.

Myth 3: Any content will do.

Reality: It should be obvious that many website owners, jealous of their link popularity, will only republish exceptionally high - quality content. For articles, this means a unique point of view and solid information that cannot be found just anywhere, ideally presented in compelling language in a web-optimized format by a professional published writer. You can conduct a content distribution campaign with bad content, but you'll be handicapping yourself fromrepparttar 149765 start.

Subconsciously command Your Readers To Buy

Written by Jaz Lai

Tell your readers what they are probably thinking, feeling or doing as they read your ad copy. This strategy will usually trigger their own subconscious mind to bring out these feelings or actions.

You can add these sentences into any ad copy. You may have to change one or two words so it relates more torepparttar product or service you're selling.

1. As you keep reading this ad copy, you are feeling more and more compelled to experience allrepparttar 149719 benefits of our product.

2. The more you understand just how valuable our product could be to your life,repparttar 149720 less you think about delaying this important purchase.

3. After you read this short ad you will feel like your problems are almost completely solved, all you will have to do is order.

4. As you're skimming through this, you're beginning to think you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out our product.

5. As you're scanning over this ad copy, you are beginning to imagine using our product and enjoying allrepparttar 149721 benefits it brings.

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