SEO Case Study: Attorneys Chasing Vioxx Organic Search Ranking

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Last weekrepparttar drug manufacturer Merck pulled their pain relief medication Vioxx (rofecoxib) fromrepparttar 128105 market due to studies linking higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes to long term use of their medication. The highly profitable medicine was aimed at Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers and others who weren't able to stomach aspirin, which is arguably more effective than Vioxx is for most pain relief.

Top search engine rankings forrepparttar 128106 trademarked word "Vioxx" were dominated by Merck-owned web site as of September 30, 2004. The site is likely to keep that ranking now that hundreds of thousands are flocking torepparttar 128107 search engines and typing in "Vioxx" to learn if they or their loved ones are at risk of heart attack from takingrepparttar 128108 medication.

News organizations are all linking to site from online news stories aboutrepparttar 128109 health concerns and financial repurcussions to Merck ofrepparttar 128110 sudden recall. Merck has run full page ads in top newspapers nationwide addressingrepparttar 128111 sudden action and sending those millions of readers torepparttar 128112 site and site to read disclaimers and learn how to get refunds forrepparttar 128113 medication they already have in their medicine cabinets. The inbound links will soar at a point when they probably want it most so they can present their case to web visitors.

Takingrepparttar 128114 second position isrepparttar 128115 FDA page outliningrepparttar 128116 recall and linking to more info atrepparttar 128117 FDA site Third place forrepparttar 128118 single word "Vioxx" also belongs to an FDA page and fourth and fifth positions are owned by a site that appears to be a drug index at

Sixth place is currently held by at a medical site that dominates for many drug and medical terms due to extensive discussion boards and informational pages about thousands of medical conditions and their treatments. Seventh through tenth position are CNN's news story onrepparttar 128119 recall, then Yahoo News with a similar story, two online pharmacies with curiously blank pages. Try to sell Tylenol from those pages guys - don't wasterepparttar 128120 traffic with blank pages!

Pay-per-click advertisements were posted by agressive class action attorneys to run alongside organic search rankings and appeared immediately onrepparttar 128121 day ofrepparttar 128122 recall announcement. The first search forrepparttar 128123 word Vioxx done at Google on Friday October 1st brought up an advertisement for asrepparttar 128124 first result inrepparttar 128125 Adwords listings alongrepparttar 128126 right side ofrepparttar 128127 page. The bids were below a dollar a click on Friday, but are rapidly escalating as ever more law firms jump intorepparttar 128128 bidding war.

Link Exchange Blues

Written by Usiere Uko

It is a well-known fact thatrepparttar number of important relevant inbound links to any site counts in its Google PageRank and position in search results. Hencerepparttar 128104 quest for inbound links from other webmasters isrepparttar 128105 beginning of wisdom. This has spawned a whole new industry with experts in tow. The Webmaster world is abuzz with linking campaigns. Every Webmaster wants his site to show up on page one of search engine results.

Getting quality inbound links takes a lot of effort. Quite a number of link exchanges have sprung up to makerepparttar 128106 job easier for busy webmasters. Like a dating agency, you register and seek, or wait for suitors. Within 24 hrs, they arrive in droves. Wish that wasrepparttar 128107 end ofrepparttar 128108 story. Sadly, it is not, in my experience so far. Practically 100% of my suitors come from a different planet. Our sites are totally unrelated. What has financial freedom got to do with renting a holiday bed-sit in Acapulco? Well, it may come in handy for dreaming…

It makes me wonder, do these webmasters fire before they aim? What isrepparttar 128109 purpose of link exchange byrepparttar 128110 way? Let's go back in time…

Once upon a time, before Google made linking Holy Grail, links were simply additional resources forrepparttar 128111 audience, on topics which are not core torepparttar 128112 theme ofrepparttar 128113 site, but complimentary. For example, a site on fish farming would feature links to sites that deal with fish food as a core theme etc.

Before addingrepparttar 128114 links,repparttar 128115 Webmaster would have checked outrepparttar 128116 site, see what it offers, and make a judgment based onrepparttar 128117 best interest of his audience. “Does that site offer quality fish food?” He will check outrepparttar 128118 fish food on offer. As a matter of fact,repparttar 128119 Webmaster can take it further and negotiate a discount for visitors from his site who may wish to buy fish food from that site. Then he can boldly say, "Recommended Link". This means he had taken time out to check outrepparttar 128120 site, and certifies it fit for his audience. His "trust me" then comes fromrepparttar 128121 heart.

Nowadays, you see bold disclaimer notices on link pages. Something to this effect:

"Visitrepparttar 128122 sites listed hereunder at your own risk. If you believe what you see on these sites, you are on your own. You have only yourself to blame".

Funny and sad; makes one wonder, if a site's content is deemed harmful to your audience, why link to it inrepparttar 128123 first instance? If you have managed to gainrepparttar 128124 trust of your audience as an expert in your field backed by integrity, why send them to a site you cannot vouch for?

Am I against link exchanges? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am for it. But I believerepparttar 128125 Webmaster should put onrepparttar 128126 table, a tiny little bit of his name and integrity behind every link he features in his link pages. His audience should be able to relax a bit and drop their guard once they click on a link from their favorite site. Otherwise, I believe webmasters should weed off all links they cannot vouch for to some extent. You may not be able to take full responsibility for what stuntsrepparttar 128127 other Webmaster may pull, but you should be able to watch out forrepparttar 128128 interest of your guests visiting that site, and yank of that site from your link pages (alongside warning folks that have already landed there) if you find out something questionable about that site, no matter how much traffic that site sends you or boosts you Google PageRank. That spells integrity.

Some "experts" recommend; "if you link to a guy and he does not link back to you, remove his link and move on". Hey! Are you saying if a site has content your audience may be dying to see, andrepparttar 128129 Webmaster of that site does not feel like linking you, then no matter how good and valuable that site is, yank him off your link pages? What isrepparttar 128130 issue here? Your ego or your audience? Who loses? Your audience of course!

Forrepparttar 128131 rookie Webmaster, do not be enamored byrepparttar 128132 number of links to your site you have been able to garner. Apart fromrepparttar 128133 quality ofrepparttar 128134 links and how they complementrepparttar 128135 content of your site, you should always have atrepparttar 128136 back of your mind, THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR AUDIENCE. If you send them to a site where they get their fingers burnt, they will not trust you anymore, your PageRank notwithstanding. More than anything else, you need to inspire trust in your audience. If you fail on that score, then you can have your PageRank for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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