SEO Boging for Pagerank

Written by James Anderson

Weblogs have been around for a long time now but in recent times more and more webmasters have been using them to influence their PR in an attempt to acheive better rankings.

Blogs are given a large amount of weight by search engines so it was only a matter of time before webmasters would add blogs to their ever growing arsnal of tools.

There are two methods I have seen being used in order to acheive this, one ethicle and one not so ethicle.

The black-hat way is similar torepparttar old link farms we saw spring up some years ago. Someone creates a large network blogs that are all linked together and contain huge amounts links pointing to their main site. This does not add any benifit torepparttar 127862 web and just clogs it up with muliple spam blogs. Any webmaster found using this technique by search engines are runningrepparttar 127863 risk of being penalised.

Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

Written by Mario Sanchez

80 percent of web surfers start their journey on a search engine. There are close to four billion pages indexed inrepparttar major search engines. While search engines are not (and should not be)repparttar 127861 only way to promote your business online, it is one ofrepparttar 127862 most important.

If you have a small business website, and you want to rank well, there are a few things you need to do. First, don't think that users will search for your site for your company name. If, for example, you have a website design firm in Dallas, you should try to rank high when somebody searches for "web design dallas", or "web design company dallas". These phrases are known as "keywords", and they arerepparttar 127863 first thing you must define (even before you start designing your website).

There are several ways to chooserepparttar 127864 right keywords. When choosing them, remember to make sure that they are terms that search engine users actually use, or you may end up ranking high for search terms that nobody uses. For some tips on chosingrepparttar 127865 right keywords you can check out my article at .

The next question is, how do search engines know that your page is relevant to your chosen keywords? The answer is twofold:

1) They rely on your page copy: If your keywords, and other related terms, are mentioned frequently on your web page, your relevance for those words will increase (don't overdo it, though, orrepparttar 127866 search engines will treat is as spam). For more information on how to optimize your page's copy forrepparttar 127867 search engines, you can check out my article: .

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