SEO = Search Engine Optimization, tips on successful page ranking

Written by Shawn DesRochers

We at get asked this question allot, how do I improve my page rank in and how do I get spider bots to crawl my web-site?

One ofrepparttar key things to remember when developing your web-site presence is to always evaluate your competition. See what’s working for them; how they market their products and services, and even evaluate their KEYWORD and DISCRIPTION tags.

The key points of using these two Meta Tags, is optimization!

Evaluate your Keywords: look at your web-site and evaluate it services and products, be sure to do a search in  to help you pickrepparttar 137044 keywords that your potential clients may be looking for.

The next thing is to evaluate your site content to see just how often you’re using these keywords,repparttar 137045 biggest mistake that web-masters make is creating their Meta Tag Description and Keywords and not including them in their content pages.

To getrepparttar 137046 best results, is to ensure that you use as many of your keywords and discretion tags throughout your entire site.

The next thing is your products or images, be sure to include some of those keywords in your ””

Google, Yahoo, and Msn all userepparttar 137047 following tags:

Be sure to include these in your Meta Tag, as it tells spider bots to search links to other pages on your site, increasing your chance of getting better indexed inrepparttar 137048 search engines.

The next key point is to also ensure you have created page titles for each section of your site, this is another mistake most make and they usually brand each page with their site name,repparttar 137049 mistake is that, when your potential client types in to Google for a specific item or product you lesson your chances on being pulled up.

1 way text links for Dummies. 6 steps to improving your link Popularity and increase your page rank.

Written by Amazan

What is a one way link(s) and how can it help your websites ranking, increase link popularity and help you climb uprepparttar search engine result pages.

1 way link text links or incoming links arerepparttar 136943 links that points to your websites from another website. When you have a one way link(s), it means that you have a incoming link(s) pointed toward your website and on your website you do not have a outbound link pointed toward that website or web page whichrepparttar 136944 link is coming from. Unless you are a skilled marketer or your website is very popular with a lot of people it will be hard to build one way links. Reason is that many webmaster don't want to just include your link to their site, they want you to link to their site(s) as well, and when that happens that link doesn't factor as strong withrepparttar 136945 search engines as well as it would if it was just a inbound link.

That was justrepparttar 136946 basic introduction to 1 way link(s), but as long as you understand what we covered so far, you will be able to improve your website page rank if you follow some or all ofrepparttar 136947 six steps outlined below. Note not all of them will be free, but if you believe in your website or what you are offering than you will do what you have to do to get visitors to your website. Remember sometimes it takes money to make money.

Step 1:

Start searching onrepparttar 136948 net for FFA pages (Free For All pages) when you find them submit your site torepparttar 136949 one that has to do with your website content, categories or which every one you thinks will bring yourepparttar 136950 most highly target traffic to your website. Also search for Classified ads websites or message boards and post your links on there as well. This will start to be very time consuming, but it will pay off inrepparttar 136951 end if done right.

Step 2:

If you have two or more websites then you can link from one website to another, (incoming) but don't link torepparttar 136952 other website( No outbound link). Or you can go to forums and ask to trade links. But this won't be your usual link trade. There is more to gain when doing it this way.

This is how you would writerepparttar 136953 Forum Post.

Example.. Topic- Free 1 way text link to your website. Description: I have two websites and I am looking to increase my page ranking and link popularity. I will use one website to link to your website giving you a one way link, providing that you link your website to my other site thus giving me a one way link from you. We will both benefit. If you are interested than email me here at is our website, byrepparttar 136954 way). That's how you would write a simple post and believe me you will generated a lot of interest.

Step 3:

Do search online forrepparttar 136955 top 3 keywords that best describe your website. Next email or callrepparttar 136956 top 10 websites that shows up inrepparttar 136957 page result and ask them how much will it cost for them to link to your site. (note: this is whererepparttar 136958 money comes in,) Quick tip: if they agree. Before you pay them do a alexa ranking on them to see how much traffic they are getting. Also (IMPORTANT)repparttar 136959 page that your link will be posted on, make sure it doesn't have more than 20 outbound links on it. Try to get a home page link if applicable. (it will cost you though.) we offer (home page) 1 way text links on our website:

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