SEO - What You Should Not Do

Written by Endar WS

SEO is one ofrepparttar economic ways to get your url listed onrepparttar 141723 top of free search engines. That is why SEO become so important. There are tons of guidance in SEO onrepparttar 141724 internet. But inrepparttar 141725 other hand, there are also misguidance in SEO. They always say to optimize, optimize and optimize your web page with keywords, without considering another factors like determining keywords or phrases keywords effectiveness, how many times you should repeating keywords on your page, etc. What I want to tell you is, that's not enough. If you want to get effective search engine optimization, then avoid these mistakes:

1) Using wrong keywords. What I mean with wrong keywords are using certain keywords or phases that have no effectiveness in value. Using these kind of keywords will bring you thousands of competitors (not visitors) and make your site stink.

2) Keyword density exceed than 5%. It is true that to getrepparttar 141726 top on search engines, you need to repeat keywords several times on your page. But, too much repeating keywords on your page will make your site being penalties, since search engines assume it as spam. Just followrepparttar 141727 thumb rule: keyword density may not exceed than 5%. This isrepparttar 141728 safe way to get your url listed on search engines. If you have any difficulties about this, simply, dividerepparttar 141729 keyword withrepparttar 141730 numbers of total words. Multiplyrepparttar 141731 result with 100%. Now you got it.

Secret To Increase Traffic From Banner Exchanges

Written by Ronald Vyhmeister


Banner exchanges allow you - as a website owner - to exchange traffic with other website owners. There are many banner exchange networks that provide a free banner exchange program. The process to participate in one of this programs is like this: sign up, upload your banner, addrepparttar HTML code on your website (on as many pages as you want), start receiving free traffic. So prerequisites are: your own website (because you need to be able to edit your pages), and a banner (.gif or .jpg file). There is plenty of help online for creating an attractive banner, try using a free web-based banner creation tool.

Most banner exchanges offer a 2:1 ratio, which means that for each two banners you show on your website (two impressions) your banner is displayed once on another website.

Usually banner exchanges don't provide a great click-thru rate. Even if you produce an awesome banner for every 1000 banner impressions only one to ten will generate a click. So traditional use of banner exchanges is not a great deal.


Here isrepparttar 141722 secret you should know: Join banner exchanges which give you credit for other people who sign up in that exchange through your site. I personally am a member of 2 banner exchanges. They give me credit when someone signs up for their free service through my site. They are giving me credit for hits equal to 10% or even 20% of whoever's site I referred to them. In other words, when someone who gets 1,000 hits a day on their website joins through my banner on my webpage I will receive up to 100 impressions a day (considering 20% from referrals and 2:1 ratio)... That is extra banners that will shown for me automatically every day from now!

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