SEO - Search Engine Optimization You Can Do

Written by J. Ratliff

We all know what SEO is, and it seems like it has kind of an "executive" sound to it doesn't it? The truth is, thousands of webmasters spend millions of dollars every year on SEO services. Now, I am not discountingrepparttar importance of these services.

Indeed, SEO is very important not only torepparttar 131615 big website portals, but to your website as well.

However, I do believe that a lot ofrepparttar 131616 people who spend thousands annually, do so without needing to. I have done SEO work on a dozen websites for businesses, and about 20 of my own. My secret? It's all inrepparttar 131617 software.

Why should I use blogs and RSS feeds?

Written by Craig Desorcy

Why should I use blogs and RSS feeds?

Blogs and RSS feeds are great marketing tools! Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably scratching your head and saying, “Wonderful, but what inrepparttar world is a blog, and whatrepparttar 131613 heck does an RSS feed?” Let’s make it quick and simple. A blog is basically a journal or diary that is kept online. It changes every day as you add new content. An RSS feed is a little more involved. RSS (usually referred to as Really Simple Syndication) is a means to publish regular updates to web content. The content itself is known asrepparttar 131614 feed. In other words, RSS feeds are a great way to get information that changes often (for example blogs or even news headlines) out onrepparttar 131615 web to an amazingly large audience.

Now to answerrepparttar 131616 question, why should you use blogs and RSS feeds? Numbers, numbers, numbers! Let’s think about it. When more people view your site, you will make more sales - obviously. Of course,repparttar 131617 trick is to get them to your site. While you sit there reading this article, there are search engines silently exploring cyberspace for new or updated web content. Aha! When you update your blog and use RSS feeds, your new information will be noticed by these tireless search engines and published acrossrepparttar 131618 World Wide Web. Hey, it’s free advertising, right?

Anita was excited! She finally had her own website and an ebook onrepparttar 131619 market. Her enthusiasm was a source of amusement to her friends and family. Every lull in a conversation was an opening for Anita to discuss her new enterprise. Though Anita netted a lot of good natured eye-rolling and teasing, she knew they were all proud of her. It wasn’t long before Anita’s enthusiasm began to wane. After all, what good was an ebook if nobody bought it? She’d tried buying email lists and sending advertisements out, but it didn’t seem to earn any profit. Why? Spam filters, like virtual pac-men, were gobbling uprepparttar 131620 emails that Anita sent. In reality very few were ever even opened.

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