Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

Whether or not you follow baseball, I’m sure you’ve heard of repparttar New York Yankees baseball team. This team wonrepparttar 124004 World Series three years in a row in 1998, 1999, and 2000, in addition torepparttar 124005 many other wins from years past.

The baseball playoffs were played during October, 2001. The Yankees made it torepparttar 124006 playoffs because of their winning record duringrepparttar 124007 season. The first hurdle they had to get over in order to play inrepparttar 124008 2001 World Series wasrepparttar 124009 American League Championship.

Whenrepparttar 124010 American League Championship started,repparttar 124011 first two games were played at Yankee Stadium. Teams rarely won on Yankees’ home turf. Butrepparttar 124012 Yankees lostrepparttar 124013 first two games ofrepparttar 124014 league championship.

The odds were not inrepparttar 124015 Yankees’ favor. They had lostrepparttar 124016 first two games, and they were headed to another stadium in front of other fans to continue play. Some ofrepparttar 124017 sports news coming out already hadrepparttar 124018 Yankees losingrepparttar 124019 league championship. A number of teams at this juncture would have given up hope of winning.

I found it interesting that whenever Yankee players were interviewed, never once did they even hint that they might lose. They looked back over their season record. They looked around atrepparttar 124020 caliber of their fellow players. They looked inside themselves. All they talked about was how they were going to win.


Written by Ron Sathoff

Quite a few years ago, I was enjoying an afternoon inrepparttar park with a couple of friends of mine. One of my friends had brought her dog, and as we were playing Frisbee, another dog came out of nowhere and started viciously attacking my friend's dog. One of my friends, Mark, reacted instantly, running torepparttar 124003 dogs and managing to beat offrepparttar 124004 attacking dog and causing it to run away.

What did I do during that momentary instant of chaos? I froze. I stood there. I just stood there, watchingrepparttar 124005 whole thing. Even now, even though it was a minor incident taking place 10 years ago, I still look back at that moment with shame. I resolved that I would never let fear keep me from taking action when action was needed. With a few exceptions (of course), I like to think that I've been able to live up to this resolution.

I think this lesson has an important parallel in business and marketing. One ofrepparttar 124006 factors that keeps a lot of people from succeeding isrepparttar 124007 fact that we are usually afraid to push our limits. That means we end up takingrepparttar 124008 safe route and never understanding what we are truly capable of.

Take, for instance, starting a home business. Most people have dreamed of owning their own business, or at least supplementing their income with a side venture. However, 99% of those people don't takerepparttar 124009 risk to actually takerepparttar 124010 first step. They are afraid that they will lose money, or that they will fail, or that they will just look silly.

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