Written by Jud Banks

Have you ever noticed ... how something "new" is usually viewed with suspicion and dis-trust until people become familiar with it? This is human (or animal) nature and cannot be discounted. Successful marketers know this and devise strategies to shortenrepparttar time a new product takes to become accepted.

There are dozens of examples. "Fads" begin among teenagers, who, having nothing to un-learn, quickly embrace new products, new ideas. Many fad-products are first introduced in Japan and spread rapidly throughoutrepparttar 108536 world.

One needs only to look atrepparttar 108537 Internet, something that was very avant-garde as little as four years ago, but today it is taken for granted. While it didn't start among teenagers, nor in Japan, its world-wide growth has been explosive!

What brought about this phenomenal acceptance - and how can one profit from it?


Once upon a time, there was a colony of 100 monkeys that lived next to a stream, which coursed throughrepparttar 108538 jungle. The trees bore abundant fruit andrepparttar 108539 monkeys were well fed.

Butrepparttar 108540 monkeys, like some of their human cousins, were sloppy eaters. They frequently dropped their food torepparttar 108541 jungle floor where it got dirty and insects pounced on it almost as soon as it hitrepparttar 108542 ground. A monkey who dropped his food and retrieved it had to eat it - dirt, insects and all, or pick it clean before he could resume his lunch.

There came a day when one little monkey dropped his morsel. When it hitrepparttar 108543 ground, it bounced intorepparttar 108544 stream. The monkey scampered down fromrepparttar 108545 tree and grabbed it back out ofrepparttar 108546 water. Voila! No dirt, no insects. It was tasty indeed! Soon, whenever he dropped his dinner torepparttar 108547 jungle floor, he was taking it torepparttar 108548 stream and washing it off instead of picking offrepparttar 108549 insects and dirt as did his brethren.

Monkeys are not stupid people andrepparttar 108550 others learned very fast fromrepparttar 108551 example ofrepparttar 108552 one who first discovered that food tastes better when it's clean. Soon they were all taking their dropped food torepparttar 108553 stream and washing it off. In fact, they started washing it even BEFORE they dropped it!


Thusrepparttar 108554 "Legend ofrepparttar 108555 100th Monkey." It can be applied to marketing efforts. All that is needed is for ONE person to berepparttar 108556 adventurer, and soon there are throngs of followers.

So you Wrote an E-book...Now What?

Written by Merle

E-books are one hot marketing tool. For those of you who don't get out much, an e-book is basically a collection of HTML documents that have been compiled into an executable (.exe) file. The concept is that of an electronic book that can be downloaded, read page by page, and passed around easily online.

Some e-books are sold where as others are given away freely. Those who download free e-books are encouraged to give them away to their friends or business associates. The "give away" part is what makes e-books such a powerful marketing tool. Also known as viral marketing, when done right your book can be passed around to thousands of people all overrepparttar world.

For this reason it is my opinion that e-books work best when there is no charge involved. Think about it: Who doesn't like getting something for free? So if you've been thinking of jumping onrepparttar 108535 "e-book bandwagon" my advice is to give it away and let it do what it does best: Generate traffic to your website.

Once your book is written, it has to get out intorepparttar 108536 mainstream ofrepparttar 108537 Internet. You need to heavily market and promoterepparttar 108538 book yourself to getrepparttar 108539 ball rolling so it can do its magic. This is where a lot of folks get stumped.

I have written two e-books myself, so I've done a lot of research and have found out what works and what doesn't. If you have included any other websites inrepparttar 108540 book, your first step is to contact their owners and let them know about it. Also, tell them it would be great if they offerrepparttar 108541 book from their site or mention it in their newsletter. Most will be happy to comply; since their names are inrepparttar 108542 book, they benefit from promoting it as well.

If you have sold banner ads inrepparttar 108543 e-book (which is a great idea), make sure you supply your advertisers with text link ads and/or graphics they can use to help getrepparttar 108544 word out. Your job is to make it as easy as possible for them "to passrepparttar 108545 word." This is viral marketing at its finest.

Your next step should be to add a page on your site where visitors can downloadrepparttar 108546 book. If you have any graphic skills at all, whip up a book cover to add along with a description that stressesrepparttar 108547 benefits they'll receive from reading it. Ifrepparttar 108548 book's content is good (and it should for all of this to work right!), you will soon receive feedback inrepparttar 108549 form of compliments. Make sure you put them on this page as well. Testimonials are very powerful.

If you publish an ezine you can userepparttar 108550 book as a bonus for your subscribers.

There are many other ways to promote your new book. Contact ezine publishers that you think would be interested in your subject matter and send them an e-mail stating how nice it would be if they mentioned it to their readers. Most publishers are always looking for content and will be happy to help out.

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