Written by Irvin L. Rozier

1 Thessalonians 5.17: "Pray without ceasing."

Overrepparttar past 18 plus years, this scripture verse has been my motto. Daniel prayed three times a day. David prayed, Moses prayed, Paul prayed, and many other heroes of faith recognizedrepparttar 136999 importance of prayer. In fact, if these two words were inscribed on my tombstone, "He prayed", that would be my testimony.

God hears and answersrepparttar 137000 prayers of his children. Althoughrepparttar 137001 enemy works hard to prevent answers from coming, if you pray underrepparttar 137002 guidance ofrepparttar 137003 Holy Ghost, you can be assured that your prayer was in accordance with God's will. I was facing some particularly difficult trials and I prayed forrepparttar 137004 Lord's help. That evening, I readrepparttar 137005 tenth chapter of Daniel where he was praying for 21 days about an urgent matter. An angel came and told Daniel that fromrepparttar 137006 very first day he began to pray, his words were heard but a spiritual warfare ensued withrepparttar 137007 prince ofrepparttar 137008 kingdom of Persia,repparttar 137009 chief principality of Satan over that country. The angel had to call Michael, one which stands guard over Daniel's people (Israelites), to come help. When I read that passage of scripture andrepparttar 137010 first verse of Daniel, chapter 12, I realized I was in a battle. As I meditated on God's word,repparttar 137011 Holy Spirit quickened me when I said, "By adoption, I am a child of Israel, Lord send Michael to help."

That night I drifted off to sleep and had a vivid dream. In this dream, I was fighting many demons. I was losingrepparttar 137012 battle and called onrepparttar 137013 Lord. I said, "Help me, Jesus, send Michael to help me." About that time, I saw a platoon (about 30) of soldiers marching towards me. They were dressed up in Army Blue Dress uniforms. The head one came up to me, rendered a hand salute, and said, "Michael reporting as ordered, sir." In my dream, I could clearly see his name tag andrepparttar 137014 Chief Warrant Officer Four (the highest warrant officer rank at that time) bars on his shoulders. I said, "Chief, I need help." He turned to his platoon and gaverepparttar 137015 command, "Round them up, boys." In short order,repparttar 137016 demons were captured and herded into a white bus that had "PRISONERS" written on it. I woke from my dream and had sweet peace and victory in this battle. What a mighty God we serve!

Later, I met two men who believed strongly inrepparttar 137017 power of prayer. Their names were Michael (Mike) and Daniel (Dan). Ironic, isn't it? As I'm writing this, it still amazes me that here I am writing about Daniel and Michael and prayer, and God sent me two friends namedrepparttar 137018 same!

Well, Mike was more like a David in his praying. He was a great singer, like David, and had a heart after God. Dan was more like Jeremiah,repparttar 137019 weeping prophet. As Dan took his burdens torepparttar 137020 Lord, he would begin to weep. Asrepparttar 137021 tears would flow andrepparttar 137022 words of prayer came brokenly, you could see and feelrepparttar 137023 intensity of his prayers.


Written by Irvin l. Rozier

This is part of a message I preached onrepparttar radio in 1994.

The other day, I was picking up pecans. I picked up one pecan that was especially beautiful...the shell was perfect,repparttar 136967 coloring was was so pretty. I decided to crack it open and eat it. Imagine my disappointment when I cracked that beautiful (onrepparttar 136968 outside) pecan open and there was nothing inside but a little rotten kernel. A few days before, I heard a man talking about a 45 year old Vietnam veteran that lived in a small town inrepparttar 136969 Midwest. Seems like he was a war hero. he had medals all over his fact, at ceremonies, they would call on him to speak. Some ofrepparttar 136970 older veterans became suspicious of him, and did some checking on his background. They found out he had never joinedrepparttar 136971 Army!

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