Written by Marc Holt and a number of other search engines and directories recently started charging businesses for submitting their websites to get listed. Is this a good idea? Let’s see.

Imagine walking into your local car dealership to look at a new car. The salesman hurries over and tells you that you must pay $199 before he shows yourepparttar car. And even if you decide to buy, he might decide not to sell it to you anyway if he doesn’t likerepparttar 125200 way you look.

Yet this is basically what some directories and search engines are doing now. Yahoo tell us that there are no guarantees that you will get your website listed in their directory even if you do payrepparttar 125201 $199 fee. That money is just to ask them to consider reviewing your website. If they are overwhelmed with submissions they may not get around to looking at it for weeks or even months. How many other businesses could get away with such a lousy attitude?

If you have a question for someone at any of these sites, try asking it. First, you have to search high and low to find an e-mail link or response form. In some cases, you’ll never find it because it just isn’t there. Then, even if you do write, you probably won’t receive a reply.

And what happens if, after paying your $199 fee, Yahoo decides your website just doesn’t come up to their standards? You lose your money with no way of appealing their decision. They just take your money and ignore you.

Add to this their mostly non-existent customer service and we see a recipe for disaster – Theirs.


Then there isrepparttar 125202 ‘hidden’ problem that most users probably never even think about. All we are going to see on Yahoo from now on are companies that have paid to be listed. And of these, some have paid a premium for their listing to be placed atrepparttar 125203 top. Obviously,repparttar 125204 search results are going to be seriously skewed.

But what is worse, companies that registered with these directories beforerepparttar 125205 fee service started now find themselves deleted from those same directories and forced to pay. This is cheating and extortion on a grand scale.

In addition, there are lots of small companies out there that can’t afford to pay out $200 to all these directories inrepparttar 125206 hope of getting some visitors. If even 10 directories charge, that’s a lot of money to fork out – with no guarantee thatrepparttar 125207 money will achieve anything.

The only good thing one can say aboutrepparttar 125208 new Yahoo policy is that they will point out any serious problems with a site when they review it. The client can then getrepparttar 125209 problems fixed and, as long as they get back to Yahoo within 30 days, they can haverepparttar 125210 site reviewed again. But ifrepparttar 125211 site still doesn’t come up torepparttar 125212 standards set by Yahoo,repparttar 125213 client losesrepparttar 125214 fee and Yahoo laughs allrepparttar 125215 way torepparttar 125216 bank. Is this any way to run a business?

Why Visitors From Search Engines Don't Buy..And What You Can Do About It

Written by Lisa Lake

Are you a believer? For years experts have told us you can't do better than get your site listed high on search engines. Get inrepparttar top five listings and you will pull thousands of visitors, they say.

Naturally, thousands of visitors should produce at least hundreds of sales. Or, even on a bad day, you should get a few sales.

But search engines rarely deliver what we expect. In this article I tell you why and show you simple ways to fixrepparttar 125199 problem.

Strike one: Let me give you a recent example from my own experience. I got one of my sites listed high on Yahoo,repparttar 125200 number one search engine. Friends told me you can expect a giant flood of visitors. Yup, if you consider twenty hits a week a flood, I guess I was all wet.

Strike two: Next, I decided to purchase a high ranking on some ofrepparttar 125201 top pay-per-click search engines. The bid rates were low on and my site had no problem ranking number one for several popular keywords my customers use most.

Yikes! The hits poured in. I got 400 visitors a day. That's notrepparttar 125202 thousands of visitors larger sites get daily, but 400 people searching for a site like mine should contain at least a few buying customers.

Not so. After several weeks of beingrepparttar 125203 welcome mat for NetFlip's hordes, my site didn't sell a single thing. Could be a case of lackluster copy or a bad product. But an identical offer usingrepparttar 125204 exact same copy was selling like gangbusters on my other site.

Strike three: Ok, sorepparttar 125205 smaller pay-per-click sites just don't deliver PAYING customers. Maybe they're all folks trying to earn a penny to two by surfing from one site torepparttar 125206 next, I don't know.

I figured if you wantrepparttar 125207 BIG results you have to get onrepparttar 125208 BIG search engines. GoTo has a deal where if you get inrepparttar 125209 top three listings on their site, you'll be listed atrepparttar 125210 top ofrepparttar 125211 page on such major search engines at AltaVista and HotBot.

By hook or crook, that kind of listing is as good as it gets. Expensive, but probably good. The plan produced a steady trickle of visitors. Once in a while one buys.

The problem. Here's what I firmly believe isrepparttar 125212 problem with search engine traffic. People search for a site like yours and get a list of 10, 20, or 200 links. Even if they click to your site and like it,repparttar 125213 visitor knows there are dozens more waiting for them back onrepparttar 125214 search engine page.

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