SCAMS – Be Aware – And Report When Necessary

Written by By Vickie J Scanlon

The Internet is a vast International Network of people and businesses – and a place where people can make a fairly decent living. However, it is also a place where certain unsavory characters can freely roam – to take your dollars and run. Scams –repparttar human mind can be either pure or devious – and it isrepparttar 142154 devious mind that you have to look out for and be aware of at all time.

The easy marks to a scam are those that are new, inexperienced, or those that are desperately looking for a way to make some money, thatrepparttar 142155 swindler will usually target. Emotional hype and false sincerity are their ticket to a scam. Some are obvious, but others are not. Now, I mean no insult if you have been scammed – Why – been there and done that. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed – be aware-- and vow to be ever vigilant in your choices. And remember to reassure yourself, that next time – if, heaven forbid, you should encounter another scam, you will definitely handle it differently.

Affiliate Scams

What constitutes an affiliate scam? 1. No contact information

2. Commissions to high -- (I know what you are saying – butrepparttar 142156 commission looks so good? Are you sure?) Research – people do no remain silent when they have been scammed onrepparttar 142157 Internet.

3. Your emails go unanswered. 4. Worse of all – your affiliate checks bounce.

Work-At-Home Scams

Work-At-Home scammers will gear their sights torepparttar 142158 Mom, who wants to work at home, orrepparttar 142159 individual who lost their job, orrepparttar 142160 individual who wants to supplement their income from an on-line venture. If you’re looking for a work-at-home position remember these warning signs:

1. If you have to pay to get access torepparttar 142161 site or database to make money – could be a scam. 2. If you receive an email – before joining – that says something onrepparttar 142162 order of “No BS – this is a legitimate offer!” Stay clear – it is BS! 3. If you’re not been paid – strong indicator you have been scammed. 4. They change rules and pay days (to, of course, to string you along and avoid paying you).

Well, I can say I haven’t encountered an affiliate scam, however, I’ve been hit with a work-at-home scam. It was my first initial attempt at finding work onrepparttar 142163 Internet before going into affiliate marketing. Anyway, I remember sending an email asking a question regarding, of all things, being paid. I received no response. So, I sent another email, stating that I could not accessrepparttar 142164 link to their website and I was getting a 404 Error, and I was wondering if they could fix it. Yes, devious – but wanted to know if they would reply. And yes, they did. I knew then, it was a scam.

Understanding Affiliate Programs

Written by Sylvia White

Years ago beforerepparttar internet was born, starting your own business was like taking a leap intorepparttar 142136 unknown. It involved MONEY, TIME, and lots of worry. If you were one ofrepparttar 142137 lucky ones your business was a success, but many were doomed to failure. Nowrepparttar 142138 Internet has evolved, and though many businesses fail possibly through lack of understanding! no one loses a fortune. When someone beginsrepparttar 142139 search for a business on which to make money, it is almost always an affiliate program that catches their eye, probably because most of them say Free To Join. Yes they are free to join, but if you are looking to work and make money it is almost certain that you will have to upgrade and pay a monthly fee. Understandingrepparttar 142140 program. Any good affiliate programs will have a learning process and you will be told to read and read again until you understand what is required of you. You should also have a mentor, that is someone that is there to help you. He or she will reply to you by email or by messenger, they will help you through any problems torepparttar 142141 best of their ability as your success means success for them. The main task of most affiliate programs is to refer others who will sign up and create your down line. Only those that upgrade will be of use to you. Once you begin to receive commission your monthly payment should be taken out automatically thus leaving you free to build up on your commissions. How to refer others to your program ! This is where many affiliates fail,repparttar 142142 ability to refer is not always easy. If you can build your own website and work to get it onrepparttar 142143 searches it is a great help as this is almost free advertising. Another way is to traverse other websites and place your ads forrepparttar 142144 program on them.

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