Written by Meredith Pond

Classified ads are perhapsrepparttar most popular form of small- business advertising available today. The reasons are many, and range from cost, to simplicity, to effectiveness when seen byrepparttar 101086 right kind of audience. How you use your classified ad is up to you, but no matter your business or your goal, one fact remains: if they're going to say what needs to be said and getrepparttar 101087 results you need in such a small space they must be written well.

First, make sure your ad grabsrepparttar 101088 attention of your readers with a good headline. Asking a question works well (HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN $60K PER YEAR, PART-TIME?), as does telling people whatrepparttar 101089 result of taking advantage of your offer will be (SAVE HUNDREDS ON YOUR LONG DISTANCE BILL!).

Next, try to make your product or service sound useful or exciting, without hyping it up too much or making promises you might not be able to keep. These tactics will only undermine your credibility, which you can't afford to do in 25-50 words.

7 Reasons To Advertise With Paid Email

Written by Timothy Ward

You've probably noticedrepparttar recent explosion of new paid-to-read email sites onrepparttar 101085 Internet. You've probably also noticed that some of these sites don't last very long. Why? In a nutshell-too much competition. Paid email sites make their money off advertising. With so many other similar sites out there, it's getting harder and harder to draw advertisers.

Onrepparttar 101086 other hand this competition creates an ideal situation for advertisers. Advertisers now have an enormous selection of paid email companies to choose from. On top of that, due torepparttar 101087 amount competition, paid email rates arerepparttar 101088 lowest they have ever been. So now isrepparttar 101089 perfect time to advertise using paid email. But why would you want to advertise with a paid email company? Listed below are a few of advantages to paid-email advertising.

1. Targeted Audience

Most paid email companies allow members to selectthe topics they would like to receive emails on. They are usually allowed to select between 5 or 10 topics or categories. When an you set up a paid email campaign, you are asked to pick which category you would like to send your ad to. This allows you to targetrepparttar 101090 appropriate audience for your advertising.

2. Quick Results

After you set up a campaign with a paid-email company,your ad may be mailed out withinrepparttar 101091 hour, and almostcertainly within 24 hours. The company may even email you and tell yourepparttar 101092 exact timerepparttar 101093 mail will be sent. Anyone who has ever had to wait for days or weeks for an ad campaign to start, or for a search engine to review their site, can appreciate quick results.

3. Statistics

Some ofrepparttar 101094 paid-email companies have areas where you can log-in and check onrepparttar 101095 stats for your ad. You can see when your ad began mailing, how many people have visited your website, and more.

4. Incentive For Members

Members of paid email companies want to receive ads. They enjoy opening their inbox and seeing a paid email waiting. The more mails they read,repparttar 101096 more money they make. Andrepparttar 101097 more money they make,repparttar 101098 sooner they will receive a check. So instead of ignoring your ads, members will be looking for them.

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