Written by John Hutchinson

Your family may be amazed to learn that television is one ofrepparttar main causes of domestic disputes in America. Eitherrepparttar 143993 husband is so captivated by a sports program that inducesrepparttar 143994 wife to harass him about household projects, orrepparttar 143995 wife is so smitten with Keanu Reeves that she fights withrepparttar 143996 husband forrepparttar 143997 remote. These are but a few ofrepparttar 143998 cases when television creates trouble forrepparttar 143999 marriage, and when fact ends up being stranger than fiction.

Hence, we WILL reason that if there is a way to reconcile seemingly conflicting television habits, then it can also be a way to reconcile marital differences.

DirecTV DVR by Tivo is a revolutionary product that mergesrepparttar 144000 best features of two outstanding products. On one hand, you haverepparttar 144001 excellent digital quality and a splendid variety of channels offered by DirecTV,repparttar 144002 leader in satellite television broadcasting. Onrepparttar 144003 other, you have Tivo,repparttar 144004 invention that actually changedrepparttar 144005 face of television viewing. DirecTV DVR by Tivo , beingrepparttar 144006 best thing that has ever happened to our television enjoyment, can also be more efficient than most marriage counselors inrepparttar 144007 land.

DirecTV DVR by Tivo, with its dual tuners, can record two shows atrepparttar 144008 same time. It could also allow you to watch one live feed, while recordingrepparttar 144009 other. At home,repparttar 144010 spouses don't have to argue between watching Brad Pitt orrepparttar 144011 Hawaiian Tropic girls The wife could indulge on some masculine charms whilerepparttar 144012 husband recordsrepparttar 144013 fascinating young ladies for future viewing.

Deciphering Online Casino Bonuses

Written by Ryan D.

Are you puzzled byrepparttar workings of Online Casino bonuses, with those pulsating dollar signs and offers of free cash? Let's see if we can demystifyrepparttar 143882 situation. Different rules apply to different casino bonuses - know these rules and avoid disappointment. In addition you may think you're receivingrepparttar 143883 best treatment because a casino givesrepparttar 143884 best percentage bonus, then you learn that your small deposit hasn't bought that much of a bonus after all, or you have problems cashing out your winnings. In this article we'll explain how to work out which bonus is actuallyrepparttar 143885 best, drawing from typical bonus schemes to help you make your selection.

Casinos typically offer four types of bonuses: - Free cash or no-deposit bonuses. - "Match bonuses" or bonuses when you sign up or pay your first deposit. - Bonuses for renewing your membership or making further deposits. - Bonuses for using a preferred deposit system, such as paying through Neteller. We'll consider these bonuses one by one.

Free Cash Bonuses There's nothing strange about these bonuses. Once you've signed up atrepparttar 143886 casino, you can place free bets up torepparttar 143887 value ofrepparttar 143888 bonus. But there is a snag - you may not be able to cash in until you've either paid your deposit or staked a sum real money many times greater thanrepparttar 143889 bonus value. Even so, newcomers to online casinos should accept this type of bonus to use as your initial stake money. There's always a chance that you could win real cash with your free bet! However, take caution as many of these types of bonuses have onerous wagering requirements that sometimes make it difficult to cash in any money at all.

First Deposit Bonuses

Now things become a little more interesting. Deposit bonuses come in two forms, namely,repparttar 143890 straight cash bonus andrepparttar 143891 percentage bonus.

Let's look at an example. A casino advertises a 400% bonus up to $100 maximum. Here you'll get free credits worth $100 forrepparttar 143892 first $25 you deposit. Take note that this bonus is likely to apply only torepparttar 143893 first $25. Afterwards you qualify for other types of bonuses, likerepparttar 143894 one for making a re-deposit. Nowrepparttar 143895 casinos terms and conditions state a 7 times wager through requirement in bonus + deposit if you elect to take a bonus. That means that you have to wager $25 + $100 = $125 x7 = $875 before you can cash out anything. Wager through requirements differ between casinos. Always understand them carefully before you make a deposit. The last thing you want is to win, only to find that you can not cash out because you have not wagered enough.

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