Written by Irvin L. Rozier

The Lord told me to get up and go To minister to a soul under Satan's control The Holy Spirit guided me To her house, I drove to see

This poor soul who was inrepparttar dark In her yard my car I did park Satan convinced her that her life was over The suicide death angel around her did hover

An overdose of pills she did take An end to her life she thought to make I took her torepparttar 132212 emergency room Her stomach they pumped, saved her from doom

The Irish people are "not" white people? How so?

Written by Joseph T Farkasdi

I know this is going to be difficult for you to hear (or it may be meaningless to you), but I ask that you hear me out. Regardless what you may have been taught, Celtic people are no more a part ofrepparttar white people community than Jews are. In fact, their history as a people is strikingly similar to Jewish history - to includerepparttar 132209 modern inter-societal problems existing today in both nations. It's been awhile since I've studied Celtic history, so dates wise I'll attempt to be somewhere inrepparttar 132210 general ball park. But, here is a little ofrepparttar 132211 history. The Celtic languages (Irish, Scottish) are offshoots of African tribal languages. And, before settling in Europe,repparttar 132212 Celtic people lived inrepparttar 132213 Middle East (@ 6 BCE). The Celts were a powerful group of warrior tribes that conquered lands as they moved west toward, first,repparttar 132214 Greek empire and then, eventually, Europe. Somewhere aroundrepparttar 132215 end ofrepparttar 132216 4th century BCE,repparttar 132217 Celts invadedrepparttar 132218 Greek empire and originatedrepparttar 132219 country now known as Turkey.

Inrepparttar 132220 Greco-Roman Christian biblerepparttar 132221 Celts of Turkey were referred to asrepparttar 132222 Galatians, whorepparttar 132223 first Christian missionaries (seven centuries later) tried to Christianize very unsuccessfully. The word Galatian inrepparttar 132224 Christian bible is a very close approximation of whatrepparttar 132225 Celts of Turkey called themselves. Having still yetrepparttar 132226 nomadic nature, descendants ofrepparttar 132227 Turkish Celts moved on from Turkey and eventually settled in Europe, finally settling in Ireland (@ 350 BCE). It would not be untilrepparttar 132228 fall of Rome and Greece around 5 CE (approximately 900 year later), thatrepparttar 132229 Irish Celts would take an interest in Christian literature. And, ifrepparttar 132230 Irish people had not taken this literary interest, then Christianity would have become an extinct religion. For an understanding of this time period, 9 centuries afterrepparttar 132231 Celtic people had laid claim torepparttar 132232 European lands, this isrepparttar 132233 era whererepparttar 132234 Anglo-Saxon Germanic tribes (self-declared "white" people) were invadingrepparttar 132235 European continent (and were declaring white supremacy even as far back as this - if you didn't get conquered and slaughtered by them, then you were expected to become absorbed intorepparttar 132236 "white" culture and give up your ethnic identity - hence,repparttar 132237 eventual creation ofrepparttar 132238 term "WASP - white anglo saxon protestant").

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