SANANDA MAITREYA releases Chapter 3 of his new project "Angels & Vampires"

Written by Lilian Philips

Songs are free to download to have 3 listens,repparttar 4th time you're asked to buy it. The "WEED" program Sananda chooses to distribute his music, answers also to legal file-sharing. It promotes full respect forrepparttar 110045 rights of Artists and Publishers and file-sharers get paid instead of punished. Sananda encourages his fans to use his own P2P program to share his music.

Milan, ITALY November 10, 2004 -- Rock artist Sananda Maitreya releases 4 new songs of his project "Angels & Vampires", called Chapter 3 "NYMPHETAMINES: New pills for new thrills (prescribed by Luther Means)":

* Requiem (for our war dead)

"Requiem has no lyrics, just observational silence forrepparttar 110046 young soldiers who have died in pain and bewilderment in bringing 'FREEDOM '. To those who didn't ask for it, even while our freedoms are being mocked, sliced and diced at home. 'FREEDOM ' isrepparttar 110047 registered trade mark ofrepparttar 110048 FREEDOM CORPORATION, makingrepparttar 110049 World safe for American business."

* Losing Becomes Too Easy

Las Vegas Interesting Facts

Written by Iulia Pascanu

Las Vegas isrepparttar capital of world gambling. Everybody knows that. The question is not only "how" but also "who" made it become what it is now.

The three kings

Many have had their days of glory inrepparttar 110044 state of Nevada. But these three step out ofrepparttar 110045 crowd, as they gaverepparttar 110046 name ofrepparttar 110047 game.

Frank Rosenthal

He isrepparttar 110048 best sports handicapper inrepparttar 110049 history of Las Vegas. He used to be called "Las Vegas King", "Guru", or something that he surely is: a genius. He inauguratedrepparttar 110050 first sports and race book, at Stardust Hotel & Casino. Every casino in Las Vegas copied his invention afterwards. He used to run four casinos atrepparttar 110051 same time, duringrepparttar 110052 1970's and early 1980's: Stardust, Fremont, Hacienda, and Marina.

Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal inspired one ofrepparttar 110053 leading characters inrepparttar 110054 "Casino" book and movie (performed by Robert de Niro), thoughrepparttar 110055 story doesn't speakrepparttar 110056 entire truth, he says. You can find Frank at his own web page

Steve Wynn

Partially, he has made his apprenticeship with Frank Rosenthal. Finally, he "dethroned" him. He is now chairman of Mirage Resorts, that includesrepparttar 110057 largest hotel inrepparttar 110058 world, MGM Grand. Some of his success is linked torepparttar 110059 name of E. Parry Thomas, known asrepparttar 110060 only banker in town, at that time, who would loan money to build a casino. Rosenthal himself describes him as a "a very skilled mind".

George Wingfield

The two "kings" were preceded by George Wingfield, a major figure inrepparttar 110061 history of Nevada, since 1912. He used to be characterised as "the owner and operator of Nevada". Two businesses got himrepparttar 110062 glory: mining and gambling. He moved to Nevada atrepparttar 110063 begining ofrepparttar 110064 20th century. As an active politician he struggled to get gambling and divorce legalised. Gambling was re-legalised inrepparttar 110065 state of Nevada in 1931. The same year,repparttar 110066 famous six-weeks divorce law was approved. Ironically, nowadays, 230 marriage licenses are issued every day in Las Vegas.

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