Written by Meredith Pond

Did your high-school history teacher ever explain to yourepparttar importance of taking and keeping class notes? If you followed this advice, you were likely glad you did when mid-terms came along. If you didn't take notes, you probably sufferedrepparttar 127365 consequences.

Well,repparttar 127366 same rule applies inrepparttar 127367 business world. If you take and keep notes on customer inquiries and orders, they'll be available for you to use when you need them. If you don't, you'll probably have a lot more trouble drumming up entirely new business.

Think for a minute about how you communicate with your customers. If it's primarily by phone, have a big notepad nearby to take down names, dates, phone numbers, email addresses, questions, and other pertinent information and facts. If your prospects don't volunteer such information, ask for it. Most of them won't mind and will even appreciate your attention to details.

If you communicate with customers and prospects mainly through email (or even snail mail), you haverepparttar 127368 advantage of having most ofrepparttar 127369 information you need already documented for you. Try creating a folder in your email program for possible or prospective clients, and saverepparttar 127370 emails you get from them, even if they never place an order. Periodically when things get slow, go back to that file and touch base with those people who seemed interested but never ordered, or who did order and might consider doing it again.

"7 Dirt-Cheap Tactics To Ignite Your Online Sales!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

1. When in a bookstore, leave your business card withinrepparttar first 4 pages of books related to your target audience. If they're interested inrepparttar 127364 book's subject, they'll probably be intrigued by your business card as well, and visit your website, call you, email you, etc.

Off-line generated prospects are also proven to be more likely to buy once visiting your website, in comparison to prospects generated online. Kind of like playing "hard to get" I guess.

2. Use an email "header" to immediately remind prospects ofrepparttar 127365 benefits you offer. A header is just like a signature file, but atrepparttar 127366 very top of your email.

You can use a simple 2-3 line header, stating whorepparttar 127367 message is from, and a short one line advertisement for one of your websites. Place headers in your newsletters/ezines, autoreponder messages, mlm prospecting emails, etc.

Note: This can also be a great way to "test" your headlines and it works like crazy! I mean it.

3. Write high-quality, information intense articles for more free publicity. Hey, if you haverepparttar 127368 time to write them, people almost always haverepparttar 127369 time to publish them for you and create a storm of free exposure!

One article a month from your fingertips could mean an extra $200 a month addition to your bottom-line, or easily more. Forrepparttar 127370 few hours it takes to write and distribute, it's more than worthrepparttar 127371 work. Like Simon Baxter said "Get your name out there as someone who knows where it at!"

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