Written by Liz Toone

Milton Keynes, Wednesday 1 June, 2005 - SAINT,repparttar Brussels based Rock/Pop band are pleased to announce that they will be playing two gigs onrepparttar 140838 same day near Milton Keynes on Sunday June 12th 2005.

Following on fromrepparttar 140839 successful launch of their debut album "Bones & Telephones" and recent appearances in Brussels, Barcelona, London, Dublin and Amsterdam, Saint have confirmed they will be appearing FREE at Folk-on-the-Green in Stony Stratford at 2.15pm on Sunday 12th June.

This appearance will be followed by a performance of their debut album, "Bones and Telephones" as part of ‘Stony Live’ onrepparttar 140840 same day atrepparttar 140841 Cock Hotel Marquee Suite, Stony Stratford from 8.00pm (tickets available from Andante Blues, High Street, Stony Stratford, price £4.00).

Saint lead singer, Steve Jones said "Saint are really excited about playing at both major events inrepparttar 140842 Milton Keynes music calendar onrepparttar 140843 same day. Folk-on-the-Green is always a great event andrepparttar 140844 opportunity to debut "Bones and Telephones" during Stony Live should make for a fantastic gig".

Saint, comprising of Steve on vocals & guitar, Laurent on lead guitar, Philou on bass guitar & Oli on Drums are all highly accomplished musicians. To giverepparttar 140845 new listener a hint torepparttar 140846 style of music that Saint play, imagine a blend of Radiohead and Coldplay with Placebo and U2 that results inrepparttar 140847 creation of both powerful and touching songs.

Fans of Saint and Saint newcomers alike will be pleased to know that several tracks from "Bones and Telephones" plus other well known Saint tracks can be heard at their website,

Saint have been playing several major European cities with its brand of melodic pop/rock for sometime and have now developed a considerable following in their home town of Brussels followingrepparttar 140848 release of their debut album "Bones & Telephones". Appearances on Belgian TV and Radio have also swelledrepparttar 140849 band’s following.

Ebonic Pursuit Card game for the Illiterate

Written by Latroy Hawkins

I guess nothing surprises me any more. I live in New York and these teenagers onrepparttar subway were playing a card game called Ebonic Pursuit. Being an African American who speaks proper grammar this offended me. These kids were white and maybe twenty years old. They were wearing backward baseball caps and Sean John and Fubu clothing. This attire promotes thugs and Hip Hop Stars. They were reading sentences inrepparttar 140760 game that contained profanity and highly inappropriate grammar and you had to translate

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