Rustic, warm and inviting

Written by Thomas Cherian

Hoysala Village Resort

A three-hour drive from Bangalore can open up quite a panorama. Torepparttar land ofrepparttar 139799 sunflower!

Located near Hassan,repparttar 139800 Hoysala Village Resort can be called a quick getaway. That it gathers visitors for a long cozy stay is another matter.

Rough-hewn cottages cluster together to offer visitors a warm experience while also offering them an opportunity to savour this historical land. Remains ofrepparttar 139801 ancient Belur and Halebid, capital cities ofrepparttar 139802 Hoysala Empire, orrepparttar 139803 astounding sight ofrepparttar 139804 ruins of an old church can take one's breath away. Why, we even offer a bullock cart ride torepparttar 139805 nearby village, to give you a feel ofrepparttar 139806 rustic village life!

The air is fresh. The touch soothing. Itís a 6,000-year science at work

Written by Thomas Cherian

Indus Valley Ayurveda Center

Itís hard to believe at first that this is a traditional Ayurvedic Centre. Luxurious and private, Indus valley Ayurvedic Centre at Mysore begins with itself.

There's harmony in all one sees -repparttar architecture,repparttar 139798 hospitality,repparttar 139799 service and above all, inrepparttar 139800 Ayurvedic therapies on offer.

Rejuvenative therapies meetrepparttar 139801 specific health needs of guests to revitalizerepparttar 139802 mind, body and soul. Panchakarma is a series of five cleansing therapies that removes deep-rooted toxins fromrepparttar 139803 body and mind.

Curative treatments addressrepparttar 139804 maladies brought about by faulty lifestyles and modern day habits. Treatments are offered for ailments such as stress, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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