Russian Mail Order Bride - “RETURN TO SENDER"

Written by Marina Smiley

Did you know that at least ninety percent ofrepparttar women fromrepparttar 145860 Former Soviet Union, countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Russia haven’t repparttar 145861 foggiest notion whatrepparttar 145862 meaning of “mail order bride” is?

They have no comprehension ofrepparttar 145863 term “mail order bride” because it was never a part of their culture or history. A “mail order bride is more of a recent phenomena, starting inrepparttar 145864 mid 1800's, steeped more inrepparttar 145865 cultures of North America rather than in Russia. In this article I will discuss how this notion of "mail order brides” could reflect on your Russian wife.

Withrepparttar 145866 advent ofrepparttar 145867 Internet,repparttar 145868 world began to open up to all peoples with many dating and singles web-sites spring up all over repparttar 145869 net.. Because there is a shortage of men in Russia, Russian women have turned to finding love and happiness with men of other countries , for them Internet dating looked like an exciting way to find love and happiness.

Unfortunately for most of these women, they learnrepparttar 145870 stigma ofrepparttar 145871 term “ Mail Order Bride” after finally arriving inrepparttar 145872 Western world. Most likelyrepparttar 145873 biggest shock your Russian wife is going to get isrepparttar 145874 negative connotation, “Mail Order Bride” has and how this relates to her, personally.

I know many Russian-western couples and each react differently torepparttar 145875 “mail order bride” labeling. There are those lucky couples who have very supportive friends and relatives whererepparttar 145876 “mail order bride” question has never arisen.

Staying safe from crime

Written by Scott Shaper

Before getting into this article let me first give you a brief on who I am. I am a former Police Officer of over 14 years. I am alsorepparttar author ofrepparttar 145387 book Crime Awareness 101. Throughout my career as a police officer I discovered that forrepparttar 145388 most part criminal activity is not all that unique. I sawrepparttar 145389 same crimes happen over and over again; and, I sawrepparttar 145390 victims of these crimes makerepparttar 145391 same mistakes over and over again. Criminals look forrepparttar 145392 same opportunities as they always have, and victimize peoplerepparttar 145393 same way. Why do they constantly get away with it? Well because we allow them too. How do we do that? We don't learn anything about criminal activity, until it is too late. We tend to believerepparttar 145394 same common misconception.

It won't happen to me

This type of thinking is exactly whatrepparttar 145395 criminal wants you to think. Why; because this type of thinking keeps you off guard. It is kind of like a salesman. Who is a salesmen's best friend? It is an uneducated consumer. So, who is a criminal's best friend? It is an uneducated victim. To keep yourself safe from crime (or at least lesson your odds) you need to learn about crime. What do you need to learn?

Well for starters you should know that most criminals look for easy opportunities. They want to get in and out as fast as they can or, take their victim somewhere isolated or hidden and do whatever they have planned. Understanding this concept is a key point to keeping you safe. Ifrepparttar 145396 criminal wants an easy target, then your objective is to be a hard target. The harderrepparttar 145397 target you arerepparttar 145398 more likelyrepparttar 145399 criminal will move on to someone else more vulnerable. You need to understand that you will not stop criminal activity know one can. However, you can make yourself a hard enough target that they will move on.

How do you make yourself a hard target? Well one ofrepparttar 145400 key steps is to follow as many practical preventative measures as you can. The more things you do to prevent crimerepparttar 145401 safer you will become. What are practical preventative measures? They preventative measures that most people can do without a major disruption in their lifestyle or major expense. Below is a short list.

  • Lock your car doors.
  • Don't leave items of value in your car that can be easily seen.
  • Get deadbolt locks for your house, and use them. (See my article "Tips for keeping you home invasion free")
  • Be aware of what's going on around you.
  • Shred or burn any financial statements you would normally throw away.
  • Itemizerepparttar 145402 property in your home. (See my article "The importance of documenting your property")
  • Park in well lit areas. 
  • Do not flash a lot of money or expensive jewelry. 
  • Do not leave outgoing bills in your unlocked mailbox forrepparttar 145403 postman to pick up. 
  • Try not to wear clothing that is too restrictive. 

This is just a short list taken from various crimes; in my book I list over 150 preventative and safety tips, from various crimes and criminal activity.  Now I know what you are saying "That's just a bunch of common sense things that don't mean anything."  That statement couldn't be further fromrepparttar 145404 truth.  These preventative tips weren't just dreamed up because someone had nothing to do.  Tips like these are a result of thousands of crimes that have been committed and what could have been done to prevent them.  Disregarding tips like these is a big step inrepparttar 145405 direction of becoming a criminal's best friend "the uneducated victim."

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