Russian Brides - Who Are They?

Written by Tanya Turner

In recent years, thousands of young Russian and Ukrainian women have come torepparttar USA and European countries by means of marriage and were unkindly labeled “Russian mail-order brides”. But who are these women, really? Why are they prepared to leave everything behind, to go to an unknown country and live with an unknown man? Can a Russian bride really be a good solution for a Western man? We will attempt to demystifyrepparttar 141004 phenomenon of mail-order-brides.

Why do Russian women want to marry foreigners?

There are thousands of dating services featuring young, beautiful Russian women who are looking for Western husbands. There are so many women that it might seem all ofrepparttar 141005 young females in Russia have decided to leave their country. This is only an illusion, though. Russia and Ukraine are very big countries with huge populations, and women who are searching for husbands abroad represent less than 0.01% of all single Russian women.

The girls who place their ads with dating services, hoping to find a husband inrepparttar 141006 USA or Europe, have various reasons to do so. The most common reason is that they have heard from friends andrepparttar 141007 media that Western men treat women better than Russian men do. They have heard that drinking isn’t such a problem in these Western countries as it is in Russia, and that men actually care for their families.

So,repparttar 141008 common perception that mail-order brides are searching for a better lifestyle isn’t quite right. In reality, they are searching for a better man than they can get in Russia or Ukraine. See more information about single Russian women who are looking for Western husbands.

What makes Western men to look for a Russian bride?

At first glance, it might seem very strange that so many men are prepared to spend thousands, to bring a foreign wife to their country and struggle with allrepparttar 141009 differences of language and culture. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a decent wife at home?

Western men have many reasons, to look for Russian wives:

  • Some are fascinated by Russian culture and want a partner who would not only share this fascination, but actually be a part of this culture

  • Exotic Island Wedding! Where dreams truly come true in paradise

    Written by William Lezubski

    As a travel professional considering an exotic island wedding was a logical choice, but having to convince a strong Catholic family wasrepparttar challenge I faced! I was never a traditionalist inrepparttar 140232 sense, and I have attended so many conventional weddings with a church ceremony and post-reception inrepparttar 140233 past, I wanted to do something different and special forrepparttar 140234 most important day of my life!

    Island weddings have been around for quiet some time, but in my opinion, they seemed to be perceived more for renewal of vows and second marriages, however, as our lifestyles change, we separated ourselves from tradition, and an exotic wedding on a spectacular island seemed like a dream in paradise for me.

    I metrepparttar 140235 love of my life a few years ago in travel school, and as our love for each other became apparent my only thought was, what if she doesn't want to have an island wedding? Knowing that her family is Catholic, and tradition is very important to them, I thought to myself, was my ambition of having a romantic wedding on an island not going to be a reality?

    Even though I expectedrepparttar 140236 worst-case scenario,repparttar 140237 family was very understanding and accepted both our wishes with open arms, sorepparttar 140238 rest was history! The planning for our special event had begun, and with some consideration we both agreed on having our anticipated wedding onrepparttar 140239 exotic destination island of Cuba. We hadrepparttar 140240 privilege of visiting this beautiful tropical island prior to our wedding, and we both fell in love withrepparttar 140241 extremely friendly culture, beautiful beach, andrepparttar 140242 spectacular exotic resort called Beaches, which is located on a peninsula in a small vacation town called Varadero, this is where we planned on having our special ceremony.

    The Beaches all inclusive resort was not our original choice, and inrepparttar 140243 beginning of our research and planning, we decided onrepparttar 140244 Sandals Montego Bay Resort, which is a fantastic Ultra-All Inclusive Resort located onrepparttar 140245 fabulous Caribbean island of Jamaica! Not only were they including everything in their package, but they also offered a free wedding as long as we stayed atrepparttar 140246 resort for 5 nights or longer. Unfortunately,repparttar 140247 decision came down to a single guests issue, and because a few of our close family and friends did not have a significant other, that particular resort would not have worked out for us.

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