Running a Program on a Remote Server Using SSH

Written by C.S. Deam

How do you run a program on a remote server using ssh?

For this example we'll have two servers, one named Johnny and another named Cash. Both are running openssh. Our goal is to have a program on Johnny login to Cash and run a program on Cash. To makerepparttar task a little more complex we'll be using different users on each machine.

The first thing we'll need to do is generate public and private keys on Johnny. So, logged into Johnny as user 'boy' we create public and private keys by creating them inrepparttar 107773 .ssh directory as follows:

Johnny$> pwd /home/boy/.ssh Johnny$> ssh-keygen -t rsa -f sue Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): Enter same passphrase again: Your identification has been saved in sue. Your public key has been saved in The key fingerprint is: 8d:e9:c0:g1:c7:1f:e3:b3:2f:38:12:aa:b5:3b:2e:b3 boy@Johnny Johnny$>

Inrepparttar 107774 example above we picked an arbitrary name, sue, to identifyrepparttar 107775 files that holdrepparttar 107776 generated keys. When prompted to enter a passphrase (twice) we simply hit enter twice.

Asrepparttar 107777 output of ssh-keygen indicates,repparttar 107778 public key has been saved in a file named

The output of ssh-keygen implies, but doesn't indicate directly, thatrepparttar 107779 private key is in a file named sue (Yes, a user named boy created a file named sue.)

Johnny$>ls -l -rwx------ 1 sue suegrp 887 Oct 17 14:27 sue -rwx------ 1 sue suegrp 223 Oct 17 14:27

The private key file, sue, will remain on Johnny forrepparttar 107780 reaminder of this exercise, butrepparttar 107781 public key must be moved torepparttar 107782 remote server, Cash. Note thatrepparttar 107783 .ssh directory itself, as well asrepparttar 107784 sue and files should have permissions of 700.

Now you'll need to ftprepparttar 107785 file from Johnny to Cash. The user on Cash that we'll login as is user 'named'.

Johnny$> ftp Cash Connected to Cash 220 Cash - Propery of Xyz. - Authorized users only Name (Cash:boy): named 331 Password required for named. Password: 230-Last unsuccessful login: Fri Oct 17 13:12:55 2003 on ftp from Johnny 230-Last login: Fri Oct 17 16:02:11 2003 on /dev/pts/1 from Johnny 230 User named logged in. ftp> cd .ssh ftp> mput mput y 200 PORT command successful. 150 Opening data connection for 226 Transfer complete. 224 bytes sent in 0.000781 seconds (280.1 Kbytes/s) local: remote: ftp>bye 221 Goodbye. Johnny$>

How To Keep Your Computer Virus Free

Written by Otis F. Cooper

Computer viruses can and do strike at any moment. They assault your computer by destroying data,and rendering your system useless.The very first line of defense is to boost your knowledge of these well hidden malicious codes.

Malicious codes come in three basic formulas.Viruses are small programs that reproduce themselves forrepparttar purpose of causing some damage.

Trojan Horses are disguised as gifts which may come as an attachment in your email.Once ran its purpose is to cause do harm to your system as well.

Then you may come in contact with does worms which cause damage by copying themselves over networks as wells as individual systems.These codes alters not just one system but several within a network.

After you enhance your knowledge of malicious code, knowrepparttar 107772 symptoms of an infected system.Strange PC behavior,an increase or decrease of data in a file, pop up messages,random graphics,and files being deleted are some symptoms of your system having a virus.

The best way to find and remove viruses is withrepparttar 107773 installation popular anti virus software from Norton or McAfee.These programs readily identify infections as well as promptly remove them.

Norton Anti vitus installs easy and a configuration wizard runs afterrepparttar 107774 computer has been re-booted. This software offers several options that give yourepparttar 107775 best virus scanning options.Userepparttar 107776 neat update feature to keep up with allrepparttar 107777 new viruses.Their user friendly configuration leave no doubt in what and how you want this software to perform.

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