Run a Profitable Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaign

Written by Michael Lawrence

Google has leveraged their market share asrepparttar internet's top search engine to deliver their version ofrepparttar 149351 pay per click advertising model dubbed Google Adwords.

Google and Yahoo-Overture control over 90% ofrepparttar 149352 PPC market and as such you should seriously consider using them if you wantrepparttar 149353 maximum possible exposure to targeted web traffic through PPC advertising.

Sign up forrepparttar 149354 Adwords program is free but they require a $5 USD deposit before they will start to display your ad copy. Google provides an excellent interface to work with. A pleasant modular design groups all of your work into nice "containers" for you to work with.

The system reporting is by no means real time butrepparttar 149355 delay on their results display is palatable when comparing them torepparttar 149356 other large PPC provider, Yahoo-Overture.

A nice feature that sets Adwords apart from other PPC providers is that your ads display almost instantly after you place them in their system. They have built a lot of their editorial guidelines intorepparttar 149357 ad entry system.

Their system will flag your ad before you can enter it if it doesn't meet their terms of service. That is a lot better than waiting 2-5 business days to find out if your ad had a problem or not. Time is money.

Also provided with your Adwords account are a number of free tools to help you with your campaign management.

While several of these tools are great starting points I have foundrepparttar 149358 need to augment what Google provides through my own online research, tools and software as well as e-book purchases.

The lesson learned, everybody that uses Google Adwords has access torepparttar 149359 same tools that you do, including your competitors. It goes without saying that if you want to get an advantage here you will need other resources to supplement your knowledge other than what Google provides.

Typical Costs associated with Running an Adwords Campaign

There's two ways to approach this:

Are you going to manage your own campaigns?


Do you want to leverage someone elses's experience and invest money in a company that can manage your Adwords campaigns?

Let me suggest that you manage your own accounts at least inrepparttar 149360 beginning. Start small and start collecting reference materials while you learn howrepparttar 149361 system works.

Search for other products and resources that can help you but keep in mind some of them won't work out. Don't let that stop your research, there is material out there that can truly help you and save you a lot of money.

Investing in a $40 ebook is a lot cheaper than blowing $500 or more with Google while you are learningrepparttar 149362 ropes.

Having said that if you want to get a successful campaign started now you can enlist an SEO company to manage your Adwords campaigns.

The question is: How will you know who to trust?

You can burn several thousand dollars for overpriced, untargeted traffic if you letrepparttar 149363 wrong companies manage your campaigns. How can anyone honestly know what to look for in an Adwords Management company if you haven't even triedrepparttar 149364 system out for yourself? Food for thought. If you manage your own campaigns at first you will get a feel forrepparttar 149365 system.

Campaign Costs

Ok, let's talk aboutrepparttar 149366 typical costs you can expect running a Google Adwords campaign for yourself. The good news is Google Adwords gives yourepparttar 149367 potential to reach millions of surfers in a matter of minutes for pretty much as little money as you want to spend.

The bad news is afterrepparttar 149368 novelty of having an Adwords account and setting up your first few campaigns wears off it can begin to feel like a job. There are a lot of monotonous tasks that have to be managed and it can be a tough thing mentally to do if you are left cope with Google's tools alone.

Before you spend money on campaigns and resources acquire mental discipline. Realize before you begin that it isn't going to be fun after a while. Google Adwords is a business tool,one of many, and as such it has it's advantages and flaws.

Ok, your minimum initial deposit is $5 to get started as we learned above. Start here, and I suggest resistingrepparttar 149369 urge to JUMP in and start spending like crazy...stay at or near this $5 level of investment for a while.

You're not going to see any returns on this investment financially but you will gain valuable knowledge of how best to userepparttar 149370 Google Adwords System to generate income without learningrepparttar 149371 hard way.

You have a lot of learning to do before you want to start pouring money into your account. Google is inrepparttar 149372 business of making money and their system makes it "REALLY" easy to spend as much as you want.

Minimum bids start at a reasonable $0.05 USD. After developing your keyword list and dumping it into Google's system you have to start making financial decisions.

If you take Google's suggested bid prices for your keyword list you can pay a lot of money for your web traffic depending on how large your keyword list is and how much traffic these keywords generate.

Rest assured Google's system will provide you a lot of traffic quickly if you want to pay for it. It's not uncommon for Google's big management system to suggest max bids inrepparttar 149373 $20 - $30 range.

Using Free For All Links Pages as an Effective Marketing Tool

Written by Michael Lawrence

Free For All Links Pages have been given a bad name in recent history. The "green" internet marketer who posts to an FFA page and receives thousands of emails and very few sales for his efforts may find them too much of a hassle to deal with.

I can certainly empathize since I have been there. Luckily when I began my marketing career online I was already very familiar with email systems and was able to handlerepparttar deluge of email that came back my way.

Whenrepparttar 149252 dust had settled on my first few experiences posting to FFA's I realized a few things.

Blasting to 10 Million or 20 billion sites asrepparttar 149253 Blaster programs I was using claimed to be doing wasn't generating a heck of a lot of sales.

But I started to read some ofrepparttar 149254 emails while inrepparttar 149255 course of deleting them all. I came across an advertisement for an Ebook that showed merepparttar 149256 light and started my journey in "automated marketing".

The book pointed out that posting to FFA pages was a waste of time. Autosubmitters (likerepparttar 149257 one's I was using) were posting to these sites. I never looked at 10 Million sites to fill in my information. I realized that nobody else was looking either. My posting onrepparttar 149258 FFA page was never going to trigger a sale (except fromrepparttar 149259 FFA page owner maybe if he is checking out his links).

To make matters worse these sites often roll your link off their pages in a matter of hours giving you no Search Engine value fromrepparttar 149260 links. Atrepparttar 149261 time of posting MSN was still accepting FFA links as my check at showed me (I did a couple of blasts for Cobrasurf to see whetherrepparttar 149262 engines would pick them up, how long they would last andrepparttar 149263 speed at whichrepparttar 149264 engines indexed them).

I don't want to get off topic into SEO but I do want to point out some search engines view FFA sites as "bad neighborhoods". It's your call whether you want to post there or not. I like to getrepparttar 149265 ads from FFA owners to see what programs are out there and what's new. FFA blasts are a great way to keep abreast of what's "going on".

So what isrepparttar 149266 value of an FFA page to me other than to get ads Mike?

I have to thankrepparttar 149267 ebook forrepparttar 149268 answer to this one as well. The best value you can get from an FFA page is not posting a link on it but owning it. Owning an FFA page allows you to send a one time advertisement to everyone that posts there. There are several services out there of quality that can provide you literally thousands of these types of leads a day. If you pay more in most cases you are getting better quality or more exclusivity withrepparttar 149269 leads.

They will collect them, double opt them in (ie confirm their identity and email address deliverability), and in most cases email your message to them automatically at a time interval you select (ie 0-7 days delay).

All you have to do is set up your ads, and log in periodically to check your Ad tracking stats (you are ad tracking right?), change up your ad and subject lines and that's about it.

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