Rules for the Worldly Woman Warrior in All of Us

Written by Laurel Delaney

Want to become one ofrepparttar most powerful and influential global businesswomen onrepparttar 131143 planet? I do! Then dismount your Harley and start working on it. But first, you have to learn how to become a bad girl, because bad girls always finish first.

Break a Rule, Bad Girl

How do bad girls finish first? They act free, take on challenges, break rules. If you donít, itís over. Constantly learn and change, be persuasive, dare to be different, have extraordinary stamina and never stop imagining possibilities. The bad girl mantra is ďif you can imagine it, you can do it.Ē

Bad girls also know how to create teams of diverse people who are very loyal, yet also challenge and push their leader to achieve. And, they make sure that everyone remembers them as a bad girl because they donít care about being a good girl. Bad girls finish first.

Tyingrepparttar 131144 Knot, but not Around Your Neck

Do good girls think marriage moves them along in their career? Will having an ordinary, less than supportive spouse take away from their drive and initiative? Do they think that having children will bring out their softer, more sensitive side to being a businesswoman? Or will that be cause for tossing their desire torepparttar 131145 wind?

>From my own personal and professional lifestyle choices to those of top businesswoman Carly Fiorina, CEO of H-P, there will always be some good girl lurking inrepparttar 131146 background criticizing us. Yet,repparttar 131147 name ofrepparttar 131148 game is to just live your life. Since Carly is a better bad girl than I am and more well known, letís zero in on her talents for a moment.

Grit, Guts and Luck

She has accomplished great things inrepparttar 131149 business world; but when women size her up, they say she had this uncanny good fortune of working for one ofrepparttar 131150 few in America who made promoting women a top priority. Coincidentally, Carly also married a man who took early retirement and happened to have two children from a previous marriage. Many viewed this as a happy Ďinstantí family for Carly when, in fact, she most likely fell in love with a man and took onrepparttar 131151 responsibility of nurturing a healthy relationship with his kids as well. Fortunately, with her smarts and ambition, she choserepparttar 131152 right man andrepparttar 131153 right job for herself. Luck, guts, persistence and good timing made her life choices work for her in all respects. She chose to be a bad girl. Bad girls finish first.

Itís Not a Glass Ceiling -- Itís a Guyblock in Disguise

Rememberrepparttar 131154 saying, ďGinger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards.Ē Well, thatís us, bad girls! Now we just rev up our Harleys. The good girls letrepparttar 131155 guys lead. The bad girls donít. They size up guys from head to just belowrepparttar 131156 waist. Theyíre an aggressive group that knows how to bust through a guyblock in disguise.

Whatís to fear? You can see through a glass ceiling, but not a guyblock. Itís rock solid and it holds you back, but not for long. Take your well-deserved seat inrepparttar 131157 executive suite. Letís show them what weíre made of. Aim for results, nothing less. Fear lies inrepparttar 131158 eyes ofrepparttar 131159 beholder, and that beholder becomesrepparttar 131160 guyblock. Letís tackle and break their force. Go ahead, make their day. Good girls glaze at glass ceilings and forever wonder while bad girls tackle guyblocks. Be a bad girl.

Ambition -- Push Hard to Get torepparttar 131161 Top

I consider ambition to be something you canít live without. Like oxygen, itís something you need. To adjust your ambition to someone elseís lower level is to prepare yourself for death. Bad girls refuse to decrease their ambition, for it is a part of who they are.

Many times after completing an ďambitiousĒ project, I have been asked, ďWho told you that you could do that?Ē My response is ďme.Ē Itís considered extremely ambitious, by good girlsí standards, to take your life into your own hands and just do what you feel like doing without worrying about what people will say or think. I find it liberating to do this, and I hope you will too. Compelling ambition is when you decide to do what you want to do, regardless of support or knowing in advancerepparttar 131162 outcome. Push hard. Donít take ďnoĒ for an answer. Be aggressive. Drive hard. Forget about what people think. Itís what YOU think that matters. Donít let other people's mediocre expectations of you becomerepparttar 131163 truth about your life.

You good girls out there who have self-doubts and poor self-esteem, listen up! The bad girls are going to help you. Bad girls know that ambition is about unlocking, unbottling and unleashing your energy to reach your full potential. Bad girls know how to make their mark. They maintain clarity and initiative and donít care about appearing combative -- they just do their jobs. You want to be a good girl? Fine, then youíre not going to get ahead, because bad girls always finish first.

Unabashed Immodesty -- Taking Center Stage

While doing a good job, good girls are scaredy-cats -- they are afraid to toot their own horns. What will people think? They never want to be improper or appear unladylike. God help them. Bad girls are energetic tigers -- they network like crazy, get jobs done and letrepparttar 131164 whole world know about it. Get over your immodesty and shyness and proclaim your strengths with a sense of fury and fire. Call attention to your accomplishments, intelligence and emotions! Work hard at gaining recognition for your abilities! If you donít, who will? Be a bad girl.

8 Lessons for Businesswomen Racing to Build a New World

Written by Laurel Delaney

I read Laura Hillenbrand's thrilling story, "Seabiscuit: An American Legend," and couldn't help but recognizerepparttar parallel between women in repparttar 131141 business world and that of a great racehorse who has a fighting spirit like no other. Inrepparttar 131142 race to build a new world, let's examine repparttar 131143 eight lessons women can learn from Seabiscuit,repparttar 131144 horse that achieved greatness while captivating our imaginations.

1). Learn your horse or person.

Let's face it. Women can be mysterious -- happy one day, sadrepparttar 131145 next. We can be ruthless but charming. Yet, for a woman to do well inrepparttar 131146 business world, she needs a close observer who knows her, realizes her potential, cultivates it and sees that others get out of her way to enable her success.

Women must actively identify executives who have clout in an organization and with whom they have rapport and ask them to be mentors. Mentors help women learn what goes on in boardrooms and how executives make critical decisions. In other words, a mentor must "learnrepparttar 131147 woman," for her to do well.

2). Make friends.

Just as Seabiscuit required loyal animal companions to feel safe, secure and ready to do his best, women needrepparttar 131148 same inrepparttar 131149 workplace. When you develop loyal friends, you learn how to relax and do your best work.

3). Turn your competitive instincts outward.

Competitive instincts turned outward are good, but when competitive instincts are turned inward, it's disastrous. Why? For a horse, it happens whenrepparttar 131150 jockey holdsrepparttar 131151 reigns too tight. For women, it's when a person cuts her no slack and fails to provide respect, appreciation and acknowledgment of her existence inrepparttar 131152 business world. If you loosenrepparttar 131153 grip on a horse's reigns, she's free to take off. If you loosenrepparttar 131154 grip on "cat-fight" scenarios andrepparttar 131155 "good ole' boy's" network, a businesswoman is bound to take off and flourish.

4). Do only what you want to do.

The trainer for Seabiscuit transformed him into a pliant, happy horse. How? He vouched to never again use force onrepparttar 131156 horse or to make him do what he didn't want to do. Women don't want to be told what to do. They know what to do. Let them do it.

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