Rugby Coach - Making core skills fun

Written by Dan Cottrell, Editor of Rugby Coach Newsletter

Making core skills fun. Improvingrepparttar core skills is important to player and team. But players, however motivated, will need some new ways of approachingrepparttar 148060 core skill to add variety torepparttar 148061 practices. Here are some different ways of adding an element of fun to handling activities.


Practice normal passing and then change to an unusual form of passing before returning torepparttar 148062 core pass being examined. For instance when looking at offloads, makerepparttar 148063 players try one handed back flicks inrepparttar 148064 tackle for a couple of rounds ofrepparttar 148065 drill.

Time trials

After going through some ofrepparttar 148066 drills, try putting a time limit on achieving a certain target, e.g. five passes in one area followed by fives passes in another in 30 seconds. The element of pressure builds a certain amount of tension, but also can lead to players enjoyingrepparttar 148067 success. If they can beat their times or other group’s times, they will enjoyrepparttar 148068 task even more.

Unusual areas

Don’t just practice in boxes or circles, use different shapes set out by cones to force players to think in different ways. Some coaches set out a snake like shape with differing widths in which players must progress uprepparttar 148069 pitch.

Also try handling on a sharper incline, or in long grass.

Different size balls

With allrepparttar 148070 different types of promotional balls, as well as age group balls, there are at least five separate sizes of rugby ball out there. Don’t just practice with one size, getrepparttar 148071 players to handle using all shapes and sizes in one practice. The variety of shapes will challenge players to changerepparttar 148072 way they may take and give a pass.

How To Use Exercise For Golf To Strengthen Your Swing

Written by Mike Pedersen

Using exercise for golf to strengthen your swing could be one ofrepparttar wisest decisions you’ve ever make in regards to improving power and distance.

Have you tried those gimmicky training aids in hopes to strengthen your swing? If so, were you successful? I can take a guess, but I won’t get on you too much.

Most ofrepparttar 148030 touring pros are now using exercise for golf to strengthen their swing and have seen their driving distance go way up. And yes…their equipment has a little bit to do with it, but can’t take allrepparttar 148031 credit.

I have said thousands of times, “it’s your BODY that playsrepparttar 148032 game, not your equipment”. Doesn’t that make sense to you?

Like any athlete…he or she spends a huge amount of time strengthening their muscles specific to their sport.

Why wouldn’t you as a golfer dorepparttar 148033 same thing?

Hopefully after reading this article you’ll give it strong consideration.

Using exercise for golf to strengthen your swing entailsrepparttar 148034 use of a stability ball, exercise tubing, handweights and even a weighted medicine ball. These are all inexpensive golf training tools that can have a dramatic affect on your game.

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