Roulette - How to Bet

Written by Tom McBroom

Betting is very simple in roulette if you follow these simple rules.

Be sure to ask aboutrepparttar minimum bet amounts. If you're playing at a $5 minimum table, this means you must bet at least $5 onrepparttar 138591 outside bets (odd, even, black, red, etc). On repparttar 138592 inside (number) bets, you can satisfyrepparttar 138593 minimum by betting $5 on one number, or $1 each on 5 different numbers.

You'll notice that roulette chips are different from those used at other table games. In American roulette, each player is given a specific colored chip, so thatrepparttar 138594 dealer can tell repparttar 138595 different player's chips apart.

Also, you will have to tellrepparttar 138596 dealerrepparttar 138597 value that you want your chips to have. If you're at a $5 minimum table, you should use $1 as your chip value so that you can place several $1 number bets if you wish. These chips can only be used at that roulette table and must be exchanged for normal chips when you leaverepparttar 138598 table.

Roulette - The Basics

Written by Tom McBroom

Roulette is actually one ofrepparttar simplest games inrepparttar 138590 casino to play, despiterepparttar 138591 busy- looking table and multiple colors of chips used. The pace is fairly relaxed compared to blackjack and positively glacial compared to craps. An added plus is thatrepparttar 138592 tables are usually not crowded. You can thus play for moderately long periods of time without serious financial risk, even thoughrepparttar 138593 house edge is considerably higher than blackjack or craps.


The wheel is divided into 38 evenly spaced slots into whichrepparttar 138594 ball will eventually land. Each slot has a number and color that matches corresponding numbers and colors onrepparttar 138595 betting table. The numbers are from 1 to 36, with half black and half red. The remaining two slots are for zero and double zero, both of which are colored green.

NOTE: Some roulette games have a wheel with only a single zero - no double zero. This meansrepparttar 138596 wheel will have 37 instead of 38 numbers, which effectively cutsrepparttar 138597 house edge in half. You will find very few single zero games in Las Vegas, but if you find one, jump on it. The house edge is only 2.6%, making it one ofrepparttar 138598 better casino games to play.

SPECIAL NOTE: The little Nevada Palace on Boulder Highway, across from Sam's Town, has a single zero roulette table open allrepparttar 138599 time.

The dealer spinsrepparttar 138600 wheel and then spins a small ivory or steel ball aroundrepparttar 138601 rim ofrepparttar 138602 wheel inrepparttar 138603 opposite direction. Whenrepparttar 138604 ball finally comes to rest in one ofrepparttar 138605 slots, repparttar 138606 dealer calls outrepparttar 138607 winning number and color and places a marker over that number onrepparttar 138608 betting table for all to see.

There are many different bets indicated onrepparttar 138609 betting table, as follows:

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