Roulette - An Easy Method

Written by Tom McBroom

Here is a very simple method that gives yourepparttar chance to win big if your numbers come up.

Although you cannot changerepparttar 138592 odds against you in roulette, there is one way of betting that we recommend to makerepparttar 138593 game a bit more exciting and perhaps increase your chances if your lucky.

Here is what you do: Bet $1 (or whatever amount you like) on each of five "action" numbers. "Action" numbers are numbers that are fairly evenly spaced aroundrepparttar 138594 wheel. No matter whererepparttar 138595 ball lands, it will be somewhere close to one of your numbers and - with a little luck - may land in one of your numbers. If it does, you lose your other four chips but win 35 chips, for a net win of 30. Not bad! If you get on a hot lucky streak, you may hit your numbers several times and end up a big winner.

Roulette - How to Bet

Written by Tom McBroom

Betting is very simple in roulette if you follow these simple rules.

Be sure to ask aboutrepparttar minimum bet amounts. If you're playing at a $5 minimum table, this means you must bet at least $5 onrepparttar 138591 outside bets (odd, even, black, red, etc). On repparttar 138592 inside (number) bets, you can satisfyrepparttar 138593 minimum by betting $5 on one number, or $1 each on 5 different numbers.

You'll notice that roulette chips are different from those used at other table games. In American roulette, each player is given a specific colored chip, so thatrepparttar 138594 dealer can tell repparttar 138595 different player's chips apart.

Also, you will have to tellrepparttar 138596 dealerrepparttar 138597 value that you want your chips to have. If you're at a $5 minimum table, you should use $1 as your chip value so that you can place several $1 number bets if you wish. These chips can only be used at that roulette table and must be exchanged for normal chips when you leaverepparttar 138598 table.

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