Rosen Divorce On-Line Child Support Calculator

Written by Rosen Divorce

Raleigh, NC- Rosen Divorce,repparttar state’s largest divorce firm known for its unique approach to handling marital disputes, recently revamped their on-line child support calculator making it more user-friendly.

The new child support calculator takesrepparttar 134906 user step-by-step throughrepparttar 134907 process and explains each element ofrepparttar 134908 formula to determine respective child support expenses. “We realized a lot of people weren’t sure which worksheet to use, so nowrepparttar 134909 calculator determinesrepparttar 134910 proper worksheet based on answers inputted inrepparttar 134911 wizard,” says Lee Rosen, attorney and president of Rosen Divorce. The calculator displays recommended child support amounts and usesrepparttar 134912 information provided to complete a printable worksheet that can even be filed withrepparttar 134913 court. Rosen Divorce recognizesrepparttar 134914 need for families to haverepparttar 134915 ability to quickly and easily determine child support. “We wanted to make this as easy as possible for our clients and anyone else visiting our site,” says Rosen. The new child support calculator makes it easier for parents or attorneys to inputrepparttar 134916 relevant information, including monthly income andrepparttar 134917 amount of time children spend with both parents, to determine individual child support obligations. The user can fill inrepparttar 134918 information andrepparttar 134919 child support calculator will determine obligations instantaneously, for both parties.

“Our new calculator is completely different from North Carolina’s state calculator, it's a whole new way of figuring out child support expenses,” says Rosen. “We hadrepparttar 134920 first calculator up onrepparttar 134921 web where tens of thousands of people have used it overrepparttar 134922 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we totally revampedrepparttar 134923 calculator based on our users' ideas.”

Have You Drafted a Power of Attorney?

Written by June Campbell

In these unsettled times, it'srepparttar sign of a smart business owner to expectrepparttar 119315 best but prepare forrepparttar 119316 worst. What will happen to your business if you are unavailable due to any circumstance? Perhaps you are a Reservist and get called into active duty, for example.

By drafting a Power of Attorney, you will be giving someonerepparttar 119317 legal right to look after your business affairs if you are unavailable, away, mentally incapacitated, or otherwise unable to make business decisions.

Just as many individuals postpone writing a will, many business owners avoidrepparttar 119318 step of drafting a Power of Attorney. Both appear to have a superstitious belief thatrepparttar 119319 act of preparing for potential problems will attract misfortune.

When we applyrepparttar 119320 clear light of reason, we all know that writing a will doesn't imply imminent death and drafting a Power of Attorney doesn't suggest we'll be unable to operate our businesses. Both are simply evidence of good planning.

What if an accident or an illness causes you loserepparttar 119321 mental capacity for a period of time? Without a Power of Attorney, your family, colleagues andrepparttar 119322 courts will be pitted against one another trying to straighten things out. Advance planning will minimizerepparttar 119323 problems that will arise later.

Alternatively, perhaps you are planning to be away from your business for an extended period. It's not something we like to consider, but inrepparttar 119324 extended absences of an owner,repparttar 119325 potential for employee fraud or theft increases. You want someone in charge who has your best interests at heart.

Naturally, you will want to consult a lawyer to discuss your unique situation. However,repparttar 119326 following considerations are likely to be applicable in most cases:

1. When you draft a Power or Attorney, you must be "of sound mind." Powers of Attorney can be revoked or modified, but again, you must be deemed to be of sound mind. Documents drafting or amending Powers of Attorney must be witnessed.

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