Rosen Divorce Hosts Free Fatherís Day Technology Forum

Written by Alison Kramer


Rosen Divorce Hosts Free Fatherís Day Technology Forum

Helping Fatherís maintain closerís ties with their children through technology

WHAT: In recognition of Fatherís Day, Rosen Divorce will host a free 60-minute on-line interactive web and audio forum. The forum will present and discuss different ways for fathers to maintain closer ties with their children through on-line services and games.

WHERE: This is a live interactive web and audio meeting. To participate follow these simple steps:

1. Go to 2. Click on Attend a Meeting 3. Click on Unlisted Meeting 4. Enter meeting number: 748362188 *Upon login torepparttar interactive web you will be presented with a dial-up and participant number to addrepparttar 143106 audio component

WHEN: June 16, 7pm-8pm

GENERAL INFORMATION: With offices in Raleigh and Charlotte, Rosen Divorce isrepparttar 143107 largest divorce firm in North

Contracts: Don't pick up your Pencil ...

Written by Ellen Zucker

Protect your bottom line. Donít pick up your pencil until your client has signedrepparttar dotted line.

I refer torepparttar 143105 temptation for many artists, designers and other creatives to jumprepparttar 143106 gun and begin work on a project before there is a signed contract.

It is not unreasonable to make some quick sketches to outline initial ideas as part of a preliminary discussion. But since anything done at this stage is purely speculative, it is best to limitrepparttar 143107 time spent until there is some kind of commitment byrepparttar 143108 client.

If it is difficult to definerepparttar 143109 scope of a project until a greater amount of preliminary work is done, consider drafting a separate agreement coveringrepparttar 143110 preliminary phase.

When you begin work beforerepparttar 143111 contract is signed, you are expending your time and skills inrepparttar 143112 expectation that you will eventually be paid. But without a signed contract,repparttar 143113 client has no obligation to go through withrepparttar 143114 project, make any payment, or assignrepparttar 143115 project to you if he does go forward.

Ifrepparttar 143116 client himself wonít commit to you, or canít commit to going ahead withrepparttar 143117 project itself, be wary. You may be dealing with a difficult client.

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