Announces the Top Ten Most Searched States for Hotel Discounts in 2005

Written by Jackie Moniot

June 24, 2005-, an online showroom of over 8,000 hotel coupons acrossrepparttar US and a division of Trader Publishing Company announcesrepparttar 144489 states that have receivedrepparttar 144490 most searches on forrepparttar 144491 first half of 2005 are Florida and California.

Recent data showsrepparttar 144492 top ten states that have been searchedrepparttar 144493 most by online travelers to date are Florida, California, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Nevada, North and South Carolina, in consecutive order. It appears that so far this year, mostly coastal states are what online travelers have been searching for.

Since 1999, has been a leading provider of online hotel coupons and discount lodging rates. provides a comprehensive hotel coupon database for travelers while serving as a convenient and effective advertising forum for hoteliers and affiliate travel businesses.

Who Else Wants To Sleep Great While Away From Home?

Written by Annastasia Rizzo

There are many, many ways for travelers to locate a great hotel to stay in during a trip away - whether it is for pleasure or business. The most common source of finding a hotel is usually online because it isrepparttar fastest way to search for many hotels in one area and you can usually find an inexpensive, last minute option.

People travel for various reasons, andrepparttar 144341 purpose of their trip will often influence their preference for hotel reservations. Some travel frequently for business reasons while others travel less frequently on vacations and holidays. Whateverrepparttar 144342 reason, people will seek to find a hotel that they feel comfortable in.

If you are traveling for business, it is always recommended that you investigaterepparttar 144343 various hotel options before you leave. Many hotels offer their regular business clients special discounts on regular room rates plus other benefits such as complimentary breakfast and newspapers. You can save yourself, and indeed your firm, significant dollars by doing your homework. This is particularly important when reservations are made atrepparttar 144344 last minute and would normally attract higher room rates. This usually does not occur if you are a frequent guest atrepparttar 144345 hotel.

It is important to find a hotel you can relax in, when traveling. This is particularlyrepparttar 144346 case if you are a business traveler, becauserepparttar 144347 comforts of a quality hotel are especially welcome when you are alone, away from home and tired and weary. Evenrepparttar 144348 familiarity ofrepparttar 144349 hotel employees can help put you at ease.

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