Romance on a Budget - Love Is Patient, Kind, and Cheap!

Written by Nicole Dean

I've found something that many men do not understand. "Romance does not equal money." The men I've talked with have been frightened off by television and movies and believe that romance is something outside of their budget. They are wrong.

When I think ofrepparttar most romantic and breathtaking stories that my friends and I discuss over coffee, we don't talk about flying off to Europe or drinkingrepparttar 110006 most expensive champagne. The little things like holding hands, reading stories together, and lots of laughter are what we hold dear.

I've put together a list of ways to show love -- without running up your credit card bill. And, ladies, this list is for you, too. Initiaterepparttar 110007 following ideas with your Sweetie, and show him how much you care. The ideas below are for men or women and fit every budget.

Love Notes - Leave Love Notes for your Sweetheart to find.

Pampering - Brush her hair. Scratch his back.

Wildlife - Feedrepparttar 110008 ducks, squirrels, birds, turtles or fish near you.

Games - Turn offrepparttar 110009 TV. Sit and play cards or board games together.

Cooking - Find recipes to make with your sweetheart.

Candles - Candles should be used every day -- for meals, bath time, snuggling.

Read together - Choose a book and take turns reading it to each other.

Photos - When isrepparttar 110010 last time you had a photo taken together? What are you waiting for?

Work Date - Surprise your love with a lunch date.

Stroll - Leaverepparttar 110011 TV, phone and computer behind and go on a walk together.

Spell it Out - With Sidewalk Chalk, write your names in a heart onrepparttar 110012 sidewalk where your sweetheart is sure to see it.

Entertainment - Go see a High School or College play or concert. It is affordable and fun!

Slow Dance - Turn onrepparttar 110013 radio and dance torepparttar 110014 songs you fell in love listening to.

Star Gaze - Drive out torepparttar 110015 country and look atrepparttar 110016 stars.

A Beginner’s Guide to Billiards

Written by Reno Charlton

Billiards is a universally popular indoor game that is enjoyed by people of all ages and both sexes. Traditionally, billiards is played in bars, clubs, pubs, and specials pool or billiard halls. However, more and more people are realizingrepparttar benefits and entertainment value of having a billiards table and games room within their very own home. This makes a great addition to any home, adding a touch of relaxation and atmosphere where any member ofrepparttar 110005 family can escaperepparttar 110006 trials of everyday life for a short while. And with so many different billiards games to play, you can enjoy this entertainment year in and year out.

There are a number of different billiards games to choose from, but before you play these you needrepparttar 110007 necessary equipment. Apart from getting a good quality pool table that you can enjoy for many years to come, you will needrepparttar 110008 billiards balls and a good pool cue. You need to be able to userepparttar 110009 correct movements and hone your skills to master billiards, so it may take a lot of practise before you become adept at this game – however, you can have great fun with billiards even when learning to play and practisingrepparttar 110010 shots.

A Brief History

Billiards is a hugely popular indoor game today, with countless fans that either go out to establishments to play these games or those that have their own billiards tables and pool rooms withinrepparttar 110011 home. The game actually became popular inrepparttar 110012 nineteenth and twentieth centuries in England. Gaming establishments known as pool rooms began to incorporate one or two of these billiards tables but they became so popular that soon they becamerepparttar 110013 main feature of these pool rooms, and they became known as pool tables.

Pocket Billiards

Pocket billiards is played on a pool table with holes known as ‘pockets’ in which to shootrepparttar 110014 billiards balls. There is a pocket on each corner ofrepparttar 110015 table and then one on each side, making six pockets in all. In all pockets billiards games,repparttar 110016 object ofrepparttar 110017 game is to shootrepparttar 110018 balls intorepparttar 110019 pockets, although how and where you shootrepparttar 110020 balls can vary from game to game. Below is a rundown of some ofrepparttar 110021 most popular pocket billiards games:

8 BALL This is one ofrepparttar 110022 most basic and popular types of pool games, and is played by old and young, male and female, all acrossrepparttar 110023 world. With 8 ball fifteen balls are used, each of which is numbered. Player one is assigned balls one through to seven and player tow is assigned balls nine through to fifteen. The object ofrepparttar 110024 game is for each player to try and pot all of his assigned balls. The first player to pot all of his balls can then try and potrepparttar 110025 8-ball. If he manages to do this without also pottingrepparttar 110026 cue ball (the ball with which he is pottingrepparttar 110027 other balls) then he winsrepparttar 110028 game.

9 BALL This is another very simple form of billiards, and is an excellent starter game and ideal for those learning or practising their billiards skills. With this game there are just nine numbers billiards balls along withrepparttar 110029 cue ball. Each player has to shoot atrepparttar 110030 lowest ball in order to try and pot it, and as each lowest number gets pottedrepparttar 110031 players move torepparttar 110032 next one untilrepparttar 110033 final ball, number nine, has been pocketed.

SNOOKER This is a hugely popular game in England, where pool first originated. This particular variation ofrepparttar 110034 game originated inrepparttar 110035 British Forces. Snooker is played with 21 coloured balls and one cue ball. The majority ofrepparttar 110036 21 balls used in snooker are red – fifteen in all. The remaining six balls are each of a different colour, including one pink ball, one brown ball, one blue ball, one green ball, one yellow ball and one black ball. Each ball represents a different score when it is pocketed, withrepparttar 110037 lowest score going torepparttar 110038 reds at one point each. The other ball scores range from 2-7,repparttar 110039 highest beingrepparttar 110040 black ball. Players must pocket a red ball before going on to pocketrepparttar 110041 coloured balls, and all coloured balls must be pocketed in order of value, sorepparttar 110042 black ball is always potted last.

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