Rocket Your Way to Riches

Written by Pamela Heywood

It's Monday morning and today'srepparttar day you begin at your new post. After a 25 year career in construction, hair- styling or burger-flipping, you've finally landed that coveted job with Rocky Rockets Inc.

You've been hired as VP in charge of Rocket Building and, such isrepparttar 101977 trust they've put in you, you are to work unsupervised. Eager to impress and get that million dollar rocket building bonus, you get on with it ...

Atrepparttar 101978 end ofrepparttar 101979 week, you launch your first rocket, but because you didn't know anything about torque ratios or special space paint (well, it sounds technical), it burns up on re-entry, killing all ten astronauts on board.

Naturally, your bonus goes up in smoke along with it!

Losing your job, you vow to try brain surgery next week.

Now I can hear you asking, no screaming, "Whatrepparttar 101980 devil has this got to do with my Internet business?"


Oh sure,repparttar 101981 story is maybe a little far fetched, but this is exactlyrepparttar 101982 approach most people are taking with their Internet money-making endeavours. Even though no-body dies (well, maybe your family from starvation if you go totally broke) your results so far are probably pretty similar?

Or, inrepparttar 101983 parlance, they *crashed and burned*!

Ever signed up for a program, advertised it once or twice, decided *it* didn't work because you weren't rich in a week, so you signed up another and repeatedrepparttar 101984 sad process?

Inspiration Through Intuition

Written by Lisa van den Berg

I have always been aware ofrepparttar voices inside my head. More so now that I know what to listen for, but they’ve always been in my awareness.

You knowrepparttar 101976 ones I mean. Firstly there’srepparttar 101977 ‘chatterbox’. It’srepparttar 101978 one that says thing like, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, how will you manage a project?’ or ‘Who wants to get up early to go and meditate on a Sunday? Stay in bed a little longer, you deserve it’ or ‘I wouldn’t even try test-driving that huge car. You’ll never be able to handle it!’

It’srepparttar 101979 voice that constantly nags atrepparttar 101980 back of your mind.

Then there’srepparttar 101981 voice that tells you to do something and keeps at you ‘til you do. You knowrepparttar 101982 voice that says ‘C’mon, you love to act, go and try out for that community play’, or ‘There’s someone following you, go into a store’ or ‘Get up and do your meditation becauserepparttar 101983 benefits you’ll gain far outweigh lounging around in bed when you’ve had your 8 hours of sleep’.

The difference between these two voices is profound.

The first one isrepparttar 101984 culmination of years of negative programming. It isrepparttar 101985 voice ofrepparttar 101986 sub conscious trying to protect its picture of how your life should be.

The second voice isrepparttar 101987 voice of intuition. It is also known asrepparttar 101988 sixth sense and is one of our amazing senses, as well as our pathway to connect withrepparttar 101989 Universe. It has been said that if Prayer is our way of speaking to God, then Intuition is His way of speaking to us.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

So, that means that every time we have had that funny feeling whererepparttar 101990 hairs onrepparttar 101991 back of our necks stand on end, or we get a flash that leads us in a certain direction, God is talking to us? I believe, that it most certainly is.

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