Rock with Amadeus in 2006

Written by Seb Jay

Rock with Amadeus in 2006

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - arguablyrepparttar greatest music composer ever to walk this Earth - was born on January 27th 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Next year (2006) is his 250th birthday and you're invited to Austria to celebraterepparttar 143575 life and works of this musical genius in style!

The party begins inrepparttar 143576 cities and towns acrossrepparttar 143577 country in January. Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace, isrepparttar 143578 focus for several events, including performances of all 22 of Mozart's operas. The official launch of 'Mozart-Year' takes place (fittingly) on January 27th with a two-day festival inrepparttar 143579 city -repparttar 143580 theme "The City isrepparttar 143581 Stage".

Here is a list of all Mozart events in Salzburg through 2006:

Jan 27-29, 2006 Mozart Year - Launch Festival: Theme "The City isrepparttar 143582 Stage"

Jan 20-Feb 5, 2006 Mozart Week: Twenty-five concert performances celebrating Mozart's work. Performers featured include some ofrepparttar 143583 best-known conductors, soloists, singers, orchestras and ensembles inrepparttar 143584 world today

Jan 17, 2006 - Jan 7, 2007 "Viva!Mozart" Exhibition atrepparttar 143585 Salzburg Carolino Augusteum Museum

Weekends from Feb-Nov 2006 "Best of Mozarts": 30 weekends of concert performances byrepparttar 143586 famous Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg andrepparttar 143587 Salzburg Chamber Soloistsas

Palmetto Dunes Plantation – Hilton Head Island

Written by Rich Neste

An Award Winning Vacation, Golf, Tennis and Beach Resort

If you are planning a vacation for your family this summer and still are not sure where to go, I recommend going to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This luxury getaway is just forty five minutes away from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. The first thing I would do is look to book a beautiful vacation home, condo, or villa online. The Villamare is definitelyrepparttar most requested vacation spot inrepparttar 143574 resort. This oceanfront community has magnificent views of beaches and a large pool that is just seconds fromrepparttar 143575 ocean. The Villamare offers one and two bedroom condos either both oceanfront or ocean-oriented. Windsor Court and Windsor Place are also in high demand. They too are located onrepparttar 143576 ocean and range from one to two bedrooms.

If you are looking for outdoor activities while you visit Hilton Head Island, there are many things for people with all types of interests. Palmetto Dunes has more than 5 miles of bicycle paths for guests to walk, run, or ride with safety. Palmetto Dunes is also home to three world class golf courses. Each golf course has water, sand, and marsh to battle with and should be enjoyed by all who play. The Palmetto Dunes Racquet Club is located right beforerepparttar 143577 security gates onrepparttar 143578 left-hand side. There are many tennis courts available throughoutrepparttar 143579 day - just call for a reservation. Palmetto Dunes has many things to offer all guests who visit. There are lagoons that can be traveled by canoe, kayak, or electric motored boat. For all of you fisherman out there, great fishing and shrimping can also be done.

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