Rock of Ages

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

William Jennings Bryan said: "Christians desire that their children shall be taught allrepparttar sciences, but they do not want them to lose sight ofrepparttar 122170 Rock of Ages while they studyrepparttar 122171 age of rocks."

It may seem incredible to those who do not know thatrepparttar 122172 Churchians createdrepparttar 122173 Devil as a means of keeping their flock in fear - who also thinkrepparttar 122174 Devil is a Pagan concept. The fear of death was not a Keltic concept and they weren't moved to assign all their wealth to some rich church when they approached death in order to avoid joiningrepparttar 122175 Devil. Some Christian fundamentalists sellrepparttar 122176 idea thatrepparttar 122177 age of rocks was a way thatrepparttar 122178 Devil sought to lead Christians astray and these same people would have you teach your childrenrepparttar 122179 "Rock of Ages" has more veracity thanrepparttar 122180 geology that proves we've had a long time on this earth to develop and learn what kind of Divine soul we are blessed with.


In other books I have exploredrepparttar 122181 Dolmen and Round Towers ofrepparttar 122182 ancient megalith Builders which resemblerepparttar 122183 symbolism of Man as represented inrepparttar 122184 steeple. They are part ofrepparttar 122185 era afterrepparttar 122186 truly great megaliths were built in places like Stonehenge and Poverty Point. The real meaning behindrepparttar 122187 form and structure may be similar though. Mircae Eliade was one ofrepparttar 122188 Eranos Conference attendees with Jung and Campbell who I draw much insight from, in my studies. His scholarship is open and elucidative for me and I sincerely hoperepparttar 122189 reader will enjoy taking a journey with him to Barabudur. It is not easy for those of us inrepparttar 122190 present intellect-focused or faith oriented theology to integrate all aspects of how we might learn. Perhaps a simple suggestion to leave all preconceptions aside will suffice. So take off your 'thinking caps' and put your heart and soul onrepparttar 122191 front burner whilerepparttar 122192 rose-coloured glasses of ego or faith diminish intorepparttar 122193 distance.

"Onrepparttar 122194 subject of Barabudur,repparttar 122195 famous temple onrepparttar 122196 island of Java andrepparttar 122197 most beautiful monument in Asia, whole libraries have been written. Purely technical explanations have been attempted taking account only ofrepparttar 122198 laws of architecture; endless controversies have been joined overrepparttar 122199 religious and magical meanings hidden in that colossal monument. Dutch Orientalists and architects have published overrepparttar 122200 past fifteen years books of great value on Barabudur. The names of Krom, Van Erp, and Stutterheim must be mentioned. The last of these, in a work of 1927, laidrepparttar 122201 foundation for a true interpretation ofrepparttar 122202 temple: 'Barabudur is nothing less than a symbolic representation ofrepparttar 122203 Universe'. From this intuition Paul Mus's investigations start. The beginning of his book consists of a history ofrepparttar 122204 controversy, an exposition ofrepparttar 122205 principle hypotheses, and a critique of methods. Examined in turn are theories ofrepparttar 122206 most illustrious India specialists, art historians and architects. Then Mus undertakes to discussrepparttar 122207 problem. It must be remembered that this gigantic volume is preceded by an 'avant-propos' of 302 pages in whichrepparttar 122208 author establishesrepparttar 122209 validity of his methodology. In order to justifyrepparttar 122210 symbolic function ofrepparttar 122211 Javanese temple, Mus emphasizes a truth often remarked by Orientalists: that ifrepparttar 122212 Buddha was not represented iconographically for several centuries, it was not due to incapability onrepparttar 122213 part of Indian artists, but torepparttar 122214 fact that a type of representation superior to images was essayed. 'That would not have been a defeat of plastic art, but ratherrepparttar 122215 triumph of a magical art.' When an iconography ofrepparttar 122216 Buddha was adopted,repparttar 122217 symbolism was poor by comparison. The 'aniconic symbol' of Enlightenment (the wheel, etc.) was much more powerful, more 'pure', thanrepparttar 122218 statue. Ananda Coomaraswamy also has published evidence for this thesis in his 'Elements of Buddhist Iconography'. (12) The conclusion to be drawn from this is that Buddhists, as well as Hindus (and Asians in general) {As well asrepparttar 122219 Sauk Indians we showed are fromrepparttar 122220 area ofrepparttar 122221 Great Wall and were Buddhists beforerepparttar 122222 loss of magic represented byrepparttar 122223 change to graven images or iconography.} before Buddhism, used symbolism more effectively, precisely becauserepparttar 122224 symbol was more comprehensive and 'Active' inrepparttar 122225 magical sense than plastic representation. Ifrepparttar 122226 Buddha was considered to be a god (as he was, in fact, immediately after his demise), then his magical 'presence' was preserved in anything emanating from him." (13)

A human statue or even a Gothic building representingrepparttar 122227 Temple of Solomon such asrepparttar 122228 Templars built into European cathedrals, does not conveyrepparttar 122229 same representation ofrepparttar 122230 'Universe' or cosmos that runs throughrepparttar 122231 veins of all living things. Many ancient beliefs were aware that spirit was within minerals and plants too: we are not this attuned and it is hard for us to seerepparttar 122232 vectors and lattices of energy in all things. Those who have readrepparttar 122233 'Tao te Ching' or 'I Ching' understand a little of these energies that interact and CHANGE or grow with purpose. The 'Wheel of Life' inrepparttar 122234 Tarot is meant to capture some of this magic just asrepparttar 122235 dreams of North American Indians have been captured inrepparttar 122236 circular artistic wheels that sell in all so many souvenir stands. But it will be a long time before man again understands his exquisite interconnectiveness. We know too much to see such elegant simplicity ofrepparttar 122237 spirit that is all around us. The Buddhists say 'All is Within' andrepparttar 122238 completion ofrepparttar 122239 phrase is "the UNIVERSE!" I honour all myths that assistrepparttar 122240 'oneness' in respect ofrepparttar 122241 creative or intelligent design that so many insist is GOD. Here is an excerpt from my book Cherokee People (will return) to consume or cogitate upon.

We Live in Exciting Times

Written by John Cali

The past two weeks Iíve had some fascinating personal experiences in manifesting. We live in exciting times!

Last week I was looking at a small hard pimple on my thumb. It had been there for years, and I decided I didnít want it any more. Iím surerepparttar medical people reading this will chastise me, but I decided to cutrepparttar 122169 thing off. So I got out some alcohol to sterilize things, and a sharp knife. When I was ready to start, I couldnít findrepparttar 122170 pimple. Within seconds, it had vanished without a trace! And it hasnít returned.

Several days before that, I was getting dressed to go out early inrepparttar 122171 morning before dawn. As I prepared to leave my bedroom, I started toward a lamp on my dresser, intending to turn it off. Before I even got near it, it turned itself off. ďStrange!Ē I thought to myself.

And Iíve had several other such happenings recently.

While these may be trivial events, they powerfully illustrate my point -- it seems all I had to do was formrepparttar 122172 intention, andrepparttar 122173 universe responded instantly.

Chief Joseph

You live in an incredibly responsive universe. There has never been a better time for you to manifest your heartís desires.

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