Robb's Classics Newsletter

Written by Stephanie Collins

Welcome to Robb's Classics. We are glad you are here. Our goal here is to bring an extensive line of cars to you. Not only true classics, but soon to be, as well asrepparttar average daily drivers. Our love of cars always has us out looking for great deals and rare beauties. We are proud of our personal service that we provide our customers, and we do not intend to change that. We believe in quality service at reasonable prices for today's market. We do userepparttar 124288 N.A.D.A price guide, as well as Kelly's Blue Book, and at times Consumer's Reports standards for making surerepparttar 124289 prices asked are more then fair. Remember however when dealing with cars that often times these guide books do not compensate for upgrades, customs, and unique conditions, these are just base model prices.

As some of you have seen we are not like any other car place you will find around here. We specialize in assisting people buy and sell their vehicles. If you are inrepparttar 124290 market to sell your vehicle we will come to your house and assist with designing an advertisement that will sell your car. your ad on here for FREE! At times we might host your car on auction to broadenrepparttar 124291 opportunity for a fast sale. On site there is are several wonderful Classified Section Everything possible to make your mission successful.

Looking to purchase a newer car, truck or other vehicle? Click onto Present Day Car and see what we have available to you now. I must point out at this time thatrepparttar 124292 information that is available to us comes directly fromrepparttar 124293 individual sellingrepparttar 124294 car. We will go out and look atrepparttar 124295 car, check to see that it runs,repparttar 124296 general information onrepparttar 124297 car, whatever upgrades or options that are available, tires, frames and basic body condition. The core information does indeed come fromrepparttar 124298 seller though. There are alot of things to consider when thinking about purchasing a car such as will it handle inrepparttar 124299 right conditions? Isrepparttar 124300 gas milage something I am comfortable with? Is it a practical car for this period of life? What willrepparttar 124301 insurance payments be? Can I even insurerepparttar 124302 car for it's actual book value? If you want to just talk to us and see what car or truck would be best for you we will gladly sit down and go over all of this with you. There is no pressure to buy from us. We believe that your needs come first. Along with purchasing a newer car, we recommend that you run a carfax report onrepparttar 124303 vehicle. If you purchaserepparttar 124304 report then buyrepparttar 124305 car from us we will refund your money if you runrepparttar 124306 report off this site. Unlike other places we are not out to get you into a car you can not afford or want, but rather see you satisfied with your selection. Many times we can offer personal assistance with gettingrepparttar 124307 car road ready including DMV paperwork. Even out of State personal delivery is not out ofrepparttar 124308 question.

Don't forget to stop in and take a peak at our Photo Gallery. Do you have a beauty that you would like to showrepparttar 124309 world? FREE photo listings complete with email & url linking if wanted. All you have to do is EMAIL me withrepparttar 124310 photo's (.jpg or .gif prefered) along with any information you would like to pass along on it.

Our Auto Care Center allows yourepparttar 124311 opportunity to purchase from home. Our car show pages will allow you to viewrepparttar 124312 hottest cars from our area. As of March of 2002 I have started redoing that page to bring it up to speed withrepparttar 124313 rest ofrepparttar 124314 site. If you are searching for that back yard do it yourself book check out Manual section it is alittle slow moving for dial up connections, but hang in there it will be worth it for you.

It's SHOWTIME in Upstate NY. Oh to hear those engines rumble,repparttar 124315 ground shake,repparttar 124316 flames throw. Is it time yet? I still have troubles deciding which shows to check out because there are so many. Where do you begin? Well, you could start by checking out our Car Show page. We are always out and about searching for information on car shows to bring to you. Advertise your event here FREE.if you are hosting an event, mail me a flyer. The more people that know about your eventrepparttar 124317 more everyone benefits.

Coping with YOUR "UN-Subscribers"

Written by Laurie Rogers

Coping with YOUR "UN-Subscribers" by Laurie Rogers Copyright July 2002

As your list becomes larger, you will begin to notice a few things that CAN and WILL happen at one point or another. I do not care HOW nice you are or HOW professional you come across as being,repparttar fact is, there are a lot of very RUDE people out there -just as there is inrepparttar 124287 "real world." Take it from someone who knows from experience, I have seen MORE publishers get cursed at, falsely accused and abused - more than I can count.

The majority ofrepparttar 124288 "rudeness" seems to peak when they are trying to unsubscribe and although you can tell them 100 times in 100 different ways - they just do NOT care! For some reason they feel it is THEIR given right to treat you like GARBAGE and I am here to tell you, do NOT put up with it! If it gets really out of control, REPORT them to their ISP. Send a copy of their subscription request (full headers included) with your complaint, so you have coveredrepparttar 124289 possiblity ofrepparttar 124290 old, "it was spam" routine.

======= SIDE BAR ==========

In my experience as a publisher in over 3 years, I have had this happen to me on two separate occasions and both times I reportedrepparttar 124291 abusers to their ISP. I always suggest doing this, because there are some sick people out there, who INTENTIONALLY do this to publishers forrepparttar 124292 "FUN" of it. Remember NO person on this earth has repparttar 124293 right to abuse YOU verbally or otherwise, I do NOT care WHO they are or WHO they "think" that they are. Now that I've made my point, let's move on.

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