Roast Your Own Coffee

Written by Jim Cameron

For years,repparttar idea of roasting your own coffee beans has been kept a mystery byrepparttar 146244 coffee roasting industry. It had been deemed “too hard” or “too complicated”. Well these are new times andrepparttar 146245 truth is out; it’s easy, fun and economical and can be done in a number of ways using items you probably already own! There is nothing like a cup of coffee, which has been freshly roasted, ground and brewed to perfection. There are a growing number of enthusiasts who are roasting their own coffee beans and enjoyingrepparttar 146246 benefits of truly fresh coffee at about one-third to one halfrepparttar 146247 price of beans from your local coffee shop. All that is needed to roast your own coffee beans at home is green coffee beans, available from a number of sources, an oven, cookie sheet, oven mitt, metal colander and a wooden spoon. Preheat your oven to 500F, spread raw beans evenly one layer deep on a cookie sheet, place on middle rack of preheated oven and watch them roast. In about 8-10 minutes there will be a crackling noise and smoke with a coffee essence. At this pointrepparttar 146248 roast moves quickly and you need to pay close attention. About 2-3 minutes afterrepparttar 146249 crackling, your coffee beans should be atrepparttar 146250 shade you like them. Carefully (usingrepparttar 146251 oven mitt) removerepparttar 146252 cookie sheet fromrepparttar 146253 oven and pourrepparttar 146254 beans intorepparttar 146255 metal colander. Stirrepparttar 146256 beans withrepparttar 146257 wooden spoon to help cool quickly. Do this over a sink or outside, as there is chaff that comes offrepparttar 146258 beans during roasting. And remember; NEVER leave your roasting coffee beans unattended. Almost any appliance used to pop popcorn can be used to roast coffee beans. The hot air poppers are great, however, you may want to roast outside or in your garage as they blowrepparttar 146259 chaff out and can be messy. There are a number of manufacturers of home coffee roasters, including several that use a gas grill and rotisserie. The internet is full of sources to purchase raw beans, but you want to make certainrepparttar 146260 supplier you use knows their beans and “cups” their coffee before selling it to you (see supplier list below). Many other sources can be found using your favorite search engine. If you’re interested in using a gas grill to roast your beans there are several manufacturers of drums fitted for gas grills that work great (See suppliers below

La Minita Coffee – It’s in the Green Beans

Written by Jim Cameron

La Minita; Spanish for “The Little Gold Mine” says it all. La Minita is arguablyrepparttar best coffee inrepparttar 146243 world and is sipped byrepparttar 146244 who’s who inrepparttar 146245 specialty coffee industry as well as by those of us who have access to it in our businesses. Similar torepparttar 146246 wine industry,repparttar 146247 best coffees are not alwaysrepparttar 146248 most expensive. There are many factors involved in determiningrepparttar 146249 final price of a coffee, unfortunatelyrepparttar 146250 quality ofrepparttar 146251 bean is only one of them.

La Minita comes fromrepparttar 146252 Tarrazu region of Costa Rica in Central America. This region has long been known for it’s quality coffee and remains one ofrepparttar 146253 finest growing regions inrepparttar 146254 world. The La Minita Estate is located atrepparttar 146255 pinnacle of this region on a spur between two rivers 5700 feet above sea level. The farm actually has several “Micro Climates” withinrepparttar 146256 farm which effectrepparttar 146257 crop in different ways. The meticulous way in which coffee is grown, pruned, fertilized, shaded, and weeded all add torepparttar 146258 final product. Long before “Organic” was popular, this farm was using machetes to cut back weeds rather than chemicals. Long before “fair trade” was popular this farm was treating it’s employees with respect, providing dental and medical resources right onrepparttar 146259 farm, paying above local scale, providing household items at below cost prices, and encouraged a coffee workers association to promote fair, safe and equitable conditions.

Whenrepparttar 146260 “new crop” is in, samples are taken from each ofrepparttar 146261 micro growing regions onrepparttar 146262 farm and cupped to determinerepparttar 146263 years mix. The pickers start at daybreak and finish picking about noon. The days harvest is measured from each picker then at a central pick up point and again atrepparttar 146264 mill. Every La Minita coffee bean arrives atrepparttar 146265 millrepparttar 146266 same day it is picked which is essential in producingrepparttar 146267 world’s best coffee. The milling process is more meticulous than other mills andrepparttar 146268 beans are watched at each stage ofrepparttar 146269 preparation. When they have reachedrepparttar 146270 point where most beans would be bagged up and exported, LaMinita enters its final stage. Every bean is looked at by trained coffee sorters who go over and overrepparttar 146271 beans removing any bean that may taintrepparttar 146272 final cup.

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