Road Map Of Life

Written by Kathy Gates

If you were going to drive to somewhere unfamiliar - whether cross country or just acrossrepparttar city - what would berepparttar 101916 first thing you would do? Map it out? And then after you mapped it out, would you never look atrepparttar 101917 map again? Not likely.

More likely, you would refer torepparttar 101918 map often, to make sure that you were onrepparttar 101919 right track. You would be able to tell quickly if you needed to make adjustments, correct a mistake, or consider a change of plans.

Posting your goals, standards, boundaries, mission statement, etc. is very much like having a map to refer to.A "Life Map".

In today's busy world, it's easy to get off course. Having a Life Map to refer to helps you keep moving quickly and efficiently towards your goals. It helps you to filter out things that don't belong, helps you quickly correct things when you mess up, helps you navigate unexpected problems.

But if you don't haverepparttar 101920 map where you can see it and refer to it often, allrepparttar 101921 planning inrepparttar 101922 world won't matter. You'll end up driving aimlessly around unfamiliar territory, being distracted by many different paths.knowing where you want to go, but having no tried and true method of getting there.

What else might that driving map tell you?

Perhaps that there is more than one way to get to where you are going.the freeway orrepparttar 101923 back way, for example. It may show you various ways of getting torepparttar 101924 same place, depending on your starting point. It may show you alternate route which could be used to detour around unexpected problems (the inevitable construction crew), or obstacles put in your way. It may show you a phone number to call for assistance if you get lost, or an estimated time of your journey, or even a time that you are expected at your destination. It might show you milestones, or landmarks, so that you can chart your progress.

All these things are important for your Life Map as well. Where are you starting from? What are your resources? Do you want to takerepparttar 101925 fast track, or do you prefer a slower approach? What back-up plans do you have for handlingrepparttar 101926 inevitable unexpected problems? Who do you go to for assistance to make sure you stay onrepparttar 101927 right track?

Without a map to refer to often, it might be easy to get distracted from your destination. Let's say for example that you were headed to a friend's house for a party, and alongrepparttar 101928 way you might notice a restaurant, or a beautiful piece of scenery, or a movie that you wanted to see. Would you stop and go torepparttar 101929 restaurant orrepparttar 101930 movie? Would you put your ultimate objective on hold because something else got your attention forrepparttar 101931 moment?

Got "Have-Tos"?

Written by Kathy Gates

Ever had an attack ofrepparttar "have-tos"? "Have-tos" are an interesting phenomenon. They come in several variations like haveta, gotta, needto.also sometimes referred to as "hate-tos".

These "havetos" seem to invade our daily life. First, try listening to others to notice how often they say this. Then listen to yourself as well. I think you'll be surprised.

The connotation of "haveto" makes me tired just to say it. It implies that I'm doing something I don't want to do. It implies that I'm being pressured by external sources, instead of inspired and motivated internally. It implies that I might push back. It implies that I will procrastinate. It implies that I won't be happy while I'm doing it.

But "havetos" are not necessarilyrepparttar 101915 bad things that we make them out to be. "Havetos" can be your friends, if you are using them in a way that works FOR you instead of against you.

"Havetos" relate to what you want in your life. I got up from my computer this morning, and mumbled "I have to go waterrepparttar 101916 flowers." Now that's not exactlyrepparttar 101917 truth. I do have options: 1. Let them die. 2. Install an automatic watering system. 3. Pay someone else to do it for me. 4. Delegaterepparttar 101918 job to someone else inrepparttar 101919 household. 5. Don't plant flowers inrepparttar 101920 first place.

My point is that IF I want flowers, I may "have to" water them, but that is part ofrepparttar 101921 bigger picture. It's not a do or die situation. It's my choice.

You might say "I have to go buy groceries", or "I have to take outrepparttar 101922 trash", or "I have to brush my teeth". Those may not be things that are enjoyable to you, but you don't really HAVE to do any of them. You may alienate members of your family, coworkers, or friends if you don't do them. But then.that'srepparttar 101923 bigger picture, isn't it? The "haveto" is a direct reflection of what you want.

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