Rise of American Patriotism on the Web

Written by Jim Wilkson

I enteredrepparttar term Patriotic intorepparttar 140927 Google search engine I was met with 14,200,000 patriotic web site results and 140,000 patriotic images. To my surprise, most of these results were decidedly American. Withrepparttar 140928 World Wide Web being just that - world wide, why is it then that there is so much content onrepparttar 140929 Internet related to American Patriotism?

Even beforerepparttar 140930 horrors of September 11th, Americans were a vocal force on repparttar 140931 Web; promoting national pride in many and varied ways. This broad-based army of poets, politicians, artists, spiritual leaders, business people and average citizens has redoubled itself inrepparttar 140932 time since 911 with tens of thousands of blogs, forums, webrings, personal, community, church and commercial patriotic Web sites only a keyboard away.

Upon closer inspection, I see a vast array of individuals, groups and companies out onrepparttar 140933 Internet trying their best to express pride in American. The most notable ofrepparttar 140934 range arerepparttar 140935 average everyday American putting their thoughts and images out onrepparttar 140936 Internet forrepparttar 140937 world to consume. Just go to www.blogspot.com or www.journalspace.com and do a search for "Patriotic" and see what I mean.

I went back to Google.com and dug a little deeper into some ofrepparttar 140938 top Patriotic sites of today. As ofrepparttar 140939 day that this article was written,repparttar 140940 number one Patriotic site on Google.com, in a testament to free speech, is a Web site that parody'srepparttar 140941 Whitehouse site. The www.whitehouse.org link leads to a page selling t-shirts that make fun ofrepparttar 140942 Bush Whitehouse. Number two is Patriotic Music Online, a USAF band site featuring patriotic music. Further downrepparttar 140943 results is http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/4601/patriotic.html. This site provides patriotic graphics for use by others building patriotic Web sites. It is a site that is unique partly because of how it is hosted. Geocities is Yahoo's offering for free hosted websites. Geocities and hosts like it offer repparttar 140944 opportunity for anyone from anywhere to build their own webpage. This level of accessibility torepparttar 140945 Web was unheard of only a few years ago. It has helped repparttar 140946 cause ofrepparttar 140947 patriotic Web page enormously.

There are many other examples of patriotic personal statements inrepparttar 140948 form of communities or forums: http://p211.ezboard.com/bpatrioticamerica, http://www.pro-american.com/forums/ and http://www.network54.com/Forum/193764. For a collection of patriotic sites, I found http://www.usa-patriotism.com/, http://www.thefreedompage.org/ and http://www.usflag.org/ to be outstanding.

Phishing: An Interesting Twist On A Common Scam

Written by Darren Miller

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Phishing: An Interesting Twist On A Common Scam

After Two Security Assessments I Must Be Secure, Right?


Imagine you arerepparttar 140843 CIO of a national financial institution and you've recently deployed a state ofrepparttar 140844 art online transaction service for your customers. To make sure your company's network perimeter is secure, you executed two external security assessments and penetration tests. When repparttar 140845 final report came in, your company was given a clean bill of health. At first, you felt relieved, and confident in your security measures. Shortly thereafter, your relief turned to concern. "Is it really possible that we are completely secure?" Given you're skepticism, you decide to get one more opinion. The day ofrepparttar 140846 penetration test report delivery is now at hand. Based onrepparttar 140847 previous assessments, you expect to receive nothing but positive information......

The Results Were Less Than Pleasing


During this penetration test, there were several interesting findings, but we are going to focus on one that would knock repparttar 140848 wind out of anyone responsible forrepparttar 140849 security of online systems. Particularly if you are inrepparttar 140850 business of money.

Most people are familiar withrepparttar 140851 term "Phishing". Dictionary.com definesrepparttar 140852 word Phishing as "the practice of luring unsuspecting Internet users to a fake Web site by using authentic-looking email withrepparttar 140853 real organization's logo, in an attempt to steal passwords, financial or personal information, or introduce a virus attack;repparttar 140854 creation of a Web site replica for fooling unsuspecting Internet users into submitting personal or financial information or passwords". Although SPAM / unsolicited e-mail and direct web server compromise arerepparttar 140855 most common methods of Phishing. There are other ways to accomplish this fraudulent activity.

Internet Router Compromise Makes For A Bad Day In this case,repparttar 140856 Internet router was compromised by using a well-known CISCO vulnerability. Once this was accomplished, repparttar 140857 sky wasrepparttar 140858 limit as far as what could be done to impact repparttar 140859 organization. Even thoughrepparttar 140860 company's web server was secure, andrepparttar 140861 Firewall that was protectingrepparttar 140862 web server was configured adequately, what took place next made these defense systems irrelevant.

Instead of setting up a duplicate login site on an external system, then sending out SPAM in order to entice a customer to give up their user ID, password, and account numbers, another approach, a much more nefarious approach was taken.

Phishing For Personal Or Financial Information


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